Love Poems About Supplants or Supplants Love Poems
by Paul Curtis |
Categories: love


A pulchritudinous creature
Oblivious to the turmoil 
Stirred in a young mans chest
Tamed the beast in me 
Sublimating me
From my true desires
Quelling the fires
Redirecting my passions
Reemploying my sexual energy
So we partake
Of the socially acceptable
Exercise our creative bent
Until the time is right
That blessed moment
When love supplants lust 
And passions flame can burn

by James Fredholm |
Categories: introspection, love, time, time,

In Her Hands Now

From time to time the mould gets broken,
And shatters into unspoken pieces.  Chaos,
The lack of form, supplants the frozen norm.
Relief is sweet, like breathing out a stone.
Each time I stagger to my dizzy feet and climb
back out of that grinding sausage machine,
opening doors, energy forms, release me
Into a wave of darkness and dreams.

Until, invisible hands, guide me, pull me
 Urge me forward, until I can hear
the call, clearly and beyond all doubt,
I jump, I fall, I feel her waiting arms
and disappearing from all, until,
possessed,  I am in her hands now.