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by John Hamilton |
Categories: goodbye, grief, happiness, hope, mental illness, soulmate,

Here Lies a Broken Man

Here lies a broken man

Here lies a broken man...
fractured in his fragility, 
without a plan
Hope vanishes, 
escapes with delusions
Broken minds, 
broken hearts...
so much for
a brand new start

Visions of eternity,
crash and burn in her mind
Her delusional imposters
supplant our reality.
Lightning strikes to the brain
burn our happiness to the ground.
On the floor lay my fragments...
her love was the glue 
that held me together.

She was my beautiful consolation
my savior... my everything
she was my inspiration, 
my hope.
She was...

John Derek Hamilton
February 16,2021

by John Hamilton |
Categories: earth, faith, future, hope, humanity, love, peace,

One World, One Love

One World, One Love

O ver and over we dream of
N ever ending happiness with 
E ternal earthly peace and harmony

W ondrous as it may seem
O nly a short time remains
R elative to the indefinite past
L ove's power will supplant this
D iabolical system of animosity

O ur hearts are burning with
N ascent yearnings for our
E motional release from distress

L ove will soon obliterate hate
O ne world, living together under one government of love
V ery soon it will be humanities reality
E very day pray, for one world, one love.

August 13, 2016

by Nick Ruff |
Categories: love,

Growing Love

Within my soul there is a whisper –
A phantom that once ruled my heart;
At times I feel it softly flicker,
Its aching cold abruptly start

Yet, with a thought it disappears,
As new love’s roots supplant the old,
And lend the warmth of promised years
To this young heart, to bloom and grow.

by Twinomugisha Longinus |
Categories: death, farewell,

Life Goes On

Life goes on
The love we have for our beloved,
Is like a fountain 
That never dries up,
And doesn't cease flowing 
In our veins.

But even if I go,
You spare a thought for the one in need,
For life goes on.
My legacy will soon supplant me.
Tears will roll down their cheeks 
As they wail and shriek in sadness for my trip,
To where our ancestors are,
Resting in perpetual peace.

But I know one thing,
come the day; 
We shall all parade before Him that scans
And kneel in supplication 
With saint Longinus.

By Longinus T

by John Hamilton |
Categories: grief, heartbroken, hurt, husband, lost love, mental illness,

Happiness Burns

Happiness burns

Visions of eternity, crash and burn in her mind,
Her delusional imposters supplant our reality.
Lightning strikes to the brain, burn our happiness to the ground.
On the floor lay my fragments...her love was the glue that held me together.

4 lines taken from my 
Here lies a broken man poem
now entered in 
Greg Barden's Liberum Divisa 5 contest

April 26,2021

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: goodbye,

The Fifth Season

Can memory destroy vision,
  if the tables turn

Can time surpass insight,
  as its distance churns

Can faith supplant reason,
  from its place on high

Can love be the fifth season,
—and our final goodbye

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2016)

by Tony Bush |
Categories: faith, life, love, passion, philosophy,

Hard Way

Do not let the ease by nature blind
  The eyes that sear a pathway throughout the night,
And do not let the complex cloud the mind
  To love revealing unobstructed sight?
Do not let the glamour of the swan
  Obscure the heart with beauty and desire,
And let the first impression thus be gone
  To glean the duck that flies beneath the wire.
Do not let the shallow sight supplant 
  The struggle to be more than simple clay 
And do not let the hard way disenchant 
  For sometimes harder is the better way.

by Jaymee Thomas |
Categories: age, betrayal, marriage, seasons,

The Curious Persistence of Contempt

Seasons change, love remains; my heart stays soft.
In marital bond, your touch soothes the hard.
Though less gentle fondness falls from your mouth.

Through gale storms and glee, I have held my mouth.
In the autumn of our lives, I need soft,
lambent serenades to supplant the hard.

Each cycle through time has made your bind less hard.
Weathering me brought you down to your knees, soft.
Still no affinities fall from your mouth.

My lover's mouth, blustery and hard, be soft.