Love Poems About Supped or Supped Love Poems
by Marie Prance |
Categories: hope, life, love

Lonely Hill

Walking up that lonely
hill, facing death with
no regret,bruised and
whipped from head to
toe,carrying the cross,
such a heavy load.

Betrayed by the one
that supped with him,
thirty pieces of silver,
and a kiss is where it began.

He knew from the start
what He had to do,
He knew His Commandment,
and He followed it through.

Thank you Lord from
the tomb you rose,giving
us a choice,which path we
should go, will it be heaven,
or will it be hell? He is a
gentleman,He won't make 
us go against our own will.

by Iris E. S-Lewis |


All age, gender, race, let's drink!
Time is potent as rest, think!
Sleep and breathe pure green
My sanctuary sports breezy scene
Wake up, fall in love with life.

Beneath canopy of green i supped
Woke up and fell in love with life
Second sleep is sweeter still
We rise with natural high, thrilled
Life is on from there,
Love flows in silent actions.