Love Poems About Supine or Supine Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, nature, summer,

Summer Lover

Oh, summer sun, all winter I have missed
your stale hot breath upon my upturned face;
your tongue that seers my flesh as I unlace
the strings on my bikini. I am kissed
by sultry lips that burn. I can’t resist!
I bask in light of day, and I embrace
Your penetrating rays that find each space
of skin exposed. I wait and plan my tryst.
And when you come, I’ll reverence you once more,
supine, as you would have me, to receive
your torrid touch as token of your lust.
In June we’ll meet as always by the lake shore.
I should not go.  So well you can deceive.
Some lovers you have killed! Yet still I trust. . .

for Brian Strand's Your Choice,Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beauty, celebration, desire, love,


Without her love
I am
supine and catatonic
resting energy


Mantra of melanin
black and white
we blend together

The consequence
of making love
is Olympism

Proverbial softness
sensibility and discernment
our internal systems burn
when I kiss her dark skin

Force of body
strength of reason
together we balance

When we unite
we are
a complete
human being

an erotic
explosion of light...

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: body, candy, for her, love, lust, passion, sensual,

''A Cunning Linguist Is My Romeo''

A cunning linguist is my Romeo,
whose tongue has tasted ev’ry inch of me
ravenously from head to toe and—Oh!
in between—that I’m wet with ecstasy!
With lips on breasts, he kisses my firm nipples
first, then bites and nibbles on them like candy;
now wet with excitement, my genitals
beg for the strokes of his tongue to eat me.
Supine, I spread wide for him as his hands
prime my vagina—first the labials—
then my fluttering vulva—which expands
like a bloom for all of my man’s essentials.
      Then, his lusty tongue slays my ********!— 
       so I then beg for the **** of my Horace.

by Kimberly Heller |
Categories: dream, feelings, happy, love, nature, romance, summer, true love,

Summers Moonlight

Sweet summer set amid moonlight
                              rest young poised perfection.
                                Lying supine among stars
                                 questioning inquisition.
                             Endless night let not be dawn
                          Thou hast dreamt this far too long.

March 13, 2016

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: lost love,

A Bend In the River

I lay on the dry silken grass.
Tall thin reeds hide the sun,
but not the deep blue sky.
I watch the woollen clouds
chasing each other,
feel the soothing breeze,
listen to where the waters meet.
The river flows, a soothing strain,
sonority unrestrained.
Lethargy grips my soul.
I am loathe to move, 
I lay supine, quiescent
like a stick in the mud.
Forget the week's travails.
Little did I dream that
just round the bend
you too were resting all alone.
We could have met, 
and lay together, hearts entwined.
Would you have crowned my bliss?
Where you really there?
At last I wake and walk around the bend,
only to find that you were gone.

by Red Fiery |
Categories: emotions, love, romance,

I Gently Sigh - a Collaboration With Paul Callus

~I gently Sigh ~

With half-closed eyes I lie supine, 
relishing the feel of soft green grass 
against my cool warm skin; 
the wind comes whispering 
through the rustling swaying corn 
caressing my body with arousing touch. 
I his subtle sensual words... 
he reads my thoughts...he knows me well; 
I my nimble fingers stray 
to trace my parted lips...I gently sigh. 
With intense eyes, he inundates my soul 
my body begs for his gratifying touch 
molten desires are ready to be released 
his naked Love breathes with sensuality 
I shiver with the elation of intimacy; 
he leaves a MARK on my heart... 
The wind whispers and...I gently sigh.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: love,

The Celts

I love you he said as he lay supine abed.
Through veiled tears masked by a smile,
she glowed comely, masking fear and dread,
kissing weathered cheeks, gently,
her wares availed
and duly spread.
A gift of love to offer only one.

All pangs of fear now fled,
the child bride smiling all the while.
A woman now, resplendent dwells instead.
Taking charge of things anon,
she quickly whisks the room.
Baking yeast bread;
akimbo, she smiles….. “Clan Gunn” !

by Anonomus Scorpio |
Categories: beautiful, care, cute love, february, girlfriend, love, women,

February Skies

With absolute willingness, my thoughts have been rewired By turning into each other, I found everything in you that I've required The voice you possess so incredibly unique in this earthly choir I'm more than just curious about all the other feelings you will inspire Never again will you be alone, floating on this blue orb in a black sea like an island Like a crow seeing something glimmering, your happiness, my only command Wasn't lost, but I certainly found myself in your blue eyes Supine, staring at white moons, replicating cool and cloudless February Skies

by Sanket Jain |
Categories: daughter,

Sanmati Jain a Source, Part V

Sanmati, my angel, has decorated jawline.
Aside puts cold anger and does repine
Negative things in her life, but always supine
Merry things about the wide world divine.
Against me or her things she despise saline.
Tough tenderness she got for me in palatine,
Ignoring angry love or a speck on her tine
Jot down related things like family of feline.
Almighty may support her in future design
Illustrating Triumph and Failure, outshine
Nebo by her sweet behavior saccharine.

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

Love Letter From the Soul Xxxi

Adventures in paradise, Upon hillsides paved in stone mysterious moments lie freed from pretense and the heckle of the bird skinny dipping in the sea making love naked in, a wave of you out, a rush of me caffè per due hands grasping hands hearts singing in the key of b playing more than a part sipping a little after three beauty emerging, it's all these blues can breathe sparkles shimmering a night's dream holding tight in the supine a million stars a trail of lights leading to home not too far off in the distance the fires burn eyes water sheding off barriers fading into the sea

by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allegory, confusion, humor,

A Slice of Heaven and Hell

Highs and lows 
no Goldilocks zone 
Supine, prone
Window open, closed 
Too warm, a tad cold 
Lows, more highs 
Top on, top off
Wow aroused 
what the hell!
I’ve just been there,
back in heaven 
not for long, it’s gone 
so is my pillow 
Awake! oh for the love of…
what a night 
Stupid late Pizza!

David Kavanagh

by Dave Timperley |
Categories: home, winter,

Wintertime In Cyprus

Days are short and nights are long,
We no longer sing the summer song.
As the nights draw in, log fires burning,,
Going out at night has lost it's yearning.
At home we can enjoy our meal,
Cooked in love, it has its appeal.
Both now sated, a glass of wine,
In front of the fire we rest supine.
The coldness of night,the warmth of day,
It is winter here and, each in its own way,
Is a Cyprus Delight. 
© Dave Timperley 16/11/2018

by Andy Sprouse |
Categories: depression, love, sad, endurance,

Missing Her

Hours I spend, alone
lying supine in my bed.
Her absence, the worst thing I've known;
and the cause of these tears I shed.

She appears to need her space -
this I give of my own accord.
But the thing which I cannot face,
is to be truly ignored.

Yet I dare not go back,
upon my word and my assurance;
conviction is not what I lack -
simply emotional endurance.

And so I let no one see
my heart and my distress -
oh, won't you please come back to me,
my lovely, wandering Jess?

by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: introspection, love

Seeping Peace

You never saw 
as nacre fibers 
wove round my heart

the weight of your eye
had fallen to me

you never heard
the symphony,
as celestial bodies gasped

your wings had opened
and slid
against my soul

I had never felt
the smallest measure
of serenity

supine in your grace
tranquility,washed through me

you smelt of fresh baked bread
and now after tasting
your talismanic heights

excited beyond all measure
we fall from grace

within the arc of heaven 
an angel sobs of loss,
as tears, 
form in the firmament

and I can now, 

weep of peace

by Jude Herrick |
Categories: friend, heart, love,

17 Is the Lucky Number

"Seventeen is the Lucky N

Love is veneration without constraint.
Incidental canvas mixing the paint.
Empath Aura, Lamenting Aurora.
Idyllic strength in Weakness blown restraint.
Seven wings lifted in your salvation.
Under pillow weeping willow-  supine.
Ten Carnal winds, gusts through oblation-mine.

Jude Fernando Herrick
( MrFernando )

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: longing, love,

Seventeen Is the Lucky Number

My Darling

My darling, ten months does not a year make
as I lie supine, lamenting love’s fate,
my feelings of weakness as an empath
your strong aura--no incidental laugh.
Darling, veneration is growing cold
but not my idyllic love for you so
meet in the park by the weeping willow. 


Theme #5  My Darling
17 is the Lucky Number - Rhyme Poetry Contest
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