Love Poems About Superwoman or Superwoman Love Poems
by Sherwin Fernandes |
Categories: birth, blessing, feelings, first love,

The Superwoman Is You

Every ray of sunlight is a reflection of you 
Blossoming into joy’s of laughter all day through

Every smile that you reflect is concealed with a tear,
Making it special for everyone so near

Every sacrifice that you make,
Brings out the love inside you
Making the world of a difference 
to be honest and true

Every success that is written,
Is the foundation from you

Coz you are the woman
The woman so true
The woman with power
The superwoman is you

- Sherwin Fernandes

by Corey Simmons Ii |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance, people, people,



Some people ask me?
How do you love a woman?
And be with her not?
I tell them.
She is busy saving the world;
Smile and walk off.

Some people ask me?
To whom, do you lay your heart wit?
I tell them.
My Angel
For she is not far by.

Some people ask me?
How do you have faith?
In such a woman to come back
I tell them. 
Heaven is its creation,
An as long as I endure through!
She will save me.
For she is the gate keeper of my heart;
Where I entrust my most prize treasure;
And as I gaze into her beautiful eyes
I tell them.
She was always here!!!

by Gregory Golden |
Categories: imagination,

That Super Lover Inside of You

love be kryptonite to every superman ignite that fall in love in flight with that special superwoman and for every super heart we trust tonight that leaps over tall building and skyscrapers in one single bound shall find that super lover inside of you

by Dave Collins |
Categories: destiny, fantasy, love, magic, moving on, recovery from,


Superwoman days
desire resides on your lips
where our night begins