Love Poems About Supervisors or Supervisors Love Poems
by Dorna Hainds |
Categories: death, lost love, mother,

Apricot Brandy Bottle

Apricot Melts Daily Sorrows.
Apricot Dissipates Daily Strains.
Apricot Dulls Daily Physical Pains.
Apricot Deceives All Others.
Apricot Emotionally and Physically Isolates.
Apricot Purges First True Love.
Apricot Forgives A Deceased Father.
Apricot Forgives A Deceased Mother.
Apricot Distances A Living Brother.
Apricot Abandons Birth Home.
Apricot Tolerates Daily Supervisors.
Apricot Confines Youngest Daughter.
Apricot Confines Eldest Daughter.
Apricot Hates Youngest Daughter.
Apricot Hates Eldest Daughter.
Apricot Betrays Both Daughters.
Apricot Bottle Fifth of Size Daily.