Love Poems About Superstitious or Superstitious Love Poems
by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: evil, satire, woman,

She Sold Her Soul In a Bathroom Mirror

Wicked Witches vicious Wishes
Worst of Curses Hexed
Paranormal Victim Witness
Poltergeist are Vexed
Rows of Sixes Superstitious
Sacred Scrolls and text
I see dishes fly malicious
And She is surely next.
Sold Her Soul and burnt the Bridges-
The Devils love Her Best!

*ABAB Witchcraft Contest Entry*


by Sag Capone |
Categories: lost love, love

Broken (Quick Write)

Broken dreams and shattered wishes,
Souls torn my hearts in stitches.
This girl was so suspicious,
So vile and oh so wicked,
Her words were sharp and vicious,
Like knife thrusts so malicious.
Looking for signs I’m superstitious,
And oblivious to the fictitious.
Green eyes are so lascivious, 
Deep stares cast spells like witches.
I absorb it I never dish it,
You’re gone, you left, we're finished.

by Norman Littleford |
Categories: dedication, love, wifegod, god, me,

Thank You God

I have no need for tarot cards or crystal balls
or superstitious charms of any kind,
to tell me that when God created women
he must have made you with me in mind.

I think he put my dreams and prayers together
then sent her to make my life complete,
and created a unique situation
enabling the two of us to meet.

He made our hearts beat in unison
and our chemistry react to each other,
tied it all up with a ribbon of love
so that we became one another.

For this I am eternally grateful
to him I owe a debt I cannot pay,
but for every moment spent together
I give thanks to God everyday.

by George Zamalea |
Categories: miracle, passion, smile,

Astonishing Rush, Night

I never believe that a smile could hurt you
And cancel all hiding like a superstitious fear
To be separated by both --
The hiding darkness & the question who's kidding.

	Not questioning any smile allow my womanhood to cross
Over your body, she says, gazing into my eyes, and with the touch
	Of my nerve and what I stand, I make you stand.
That's my love, isn't? A windowless that only it's rolling on
	And it makes the breathe to explode into the spring!

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: i love you, i miss you, imagery, inspiration, love, love hurts,

They Say Love Is

They say love is magic, 
then why I am superstitious!

They say love is patient, 
then why I am impatient and nervous!

They say love is brave,
then why I am afraid!

They say love is blind,
then why I am judgmental!

They say love is trust,
then why I suspect!

They say love is unconditional,
then why I fell conditioned!

They say love heals,
then why I feel hurt!

They say love forgives,
then why I am blamed!

Is something wrong with me or
Love is untrue.

by Cortney Bartholomew |
Categories: faith, hope, love,

Get With the Program

this program failed....let's move over here,
their conscience can't comprehend in their hearts what's revealed,
the hand of God or the hand of man,
too superstitious to understand,
God moves in, and from, and to,
He can use anything he wants to,
to show us His love in so many ways,
our hearts change constantly everyday,
to feel, to love, to learn...we see,
in love, we can see God in everything.

by Sandra Doolan |
Categories: celebration, chocolate, food, happy, wine,


What is it about the food we eat?
Is it yummy or is it a treat?
Food can be a real sensation
Food can be a celebration
You can eat your favourite thing and it can make your whole heart sing
In Australia there are many delicious foods
Something for almost any mood
There’s something delicious for any occasion
You can find it anywhere without hesitation
I love chicken, it’s delicious
I love chocolate, it’s not nutritious
I love tea, don’t be superstitious
I love bread, it’s delicious
Food can be a special treat, so many delicious things to eat, ENJOY!!

by Richard H. Dunsany |
Categories: addiction, death, future, i love you, society,

Digital Warfare

Smoldering diadems
unwrap our parliament.
Superstitious super-intelligence
composing the lost years ironed to death,
and smooth,
yet still dead.

The world is ending,
yet I can only think of you.

by Jackson Wood |
Categories: heart, heart, me,

Never Ever Ever Knew

you never ever
ever knew
a better way to make 
my bones shake
the tremble through my heart
grows to more than a tremor
you collapsed me from the start
now my lips feel more than a quiver
from here to there
i see you everywhere
superstitious love at first sight
but it was so much more than that
all things in my world became right
it was a heart to heart combat
you really always
get me through my days

by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,


I am not superstitious,
But I still have my wishes.
One is that someone,
Would do my dishes.
But this is not happening,
And there are not that many.
Maybe I’ll just toss them,
Then there wont be any.
But this is not practical,
To think this way,
Maybe I’ll just hide them,
In a bale of hay.

Another wish,
One of many,
Is for your sweet kiss,
I never got any.
You know how I feel,
You know I want you,
You know I can’t go on,
This poem is through.

by River Hager |
Categories: 9th grade, cute love, for her, girlfriend, teenage,

Friday, 13th

The superstitious always hated this day
As much as we'd like to tease them for it
Maybe they were right this time

The day was cold
Rain trickled from clouds that held them hostage
Screaming a warning that fell on deaf ears

I didn't know it would be the last time that I saw you for months
Let's say I did
Let's say I told you how glittery your soul is
Let's pretned our hands fit together perfectly as we said goodbye
My love, let's make it bearable
Even for just a minute