Love Poems About Superstitions or Superstitions Love Poems
by Daljit Khankhana |
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My Poverty

My Poverty
My poverty why is a shame?
My poverty why has a flame?
My poverty is only poverty,
My poverty why has a blame?

Because physically,
You are n’t stronger than me,
But mentally,
You are clever and free.

I care for traditions,
I care for religions,
But you care only for benefits,
I care for superstitions.

I am fanatic,
Because you are promoter,
I am fanatic,
Because you aren’t supporter.

If you want,
You can change a system,
You run my universities,
Social and religious both.

You are a dealer,
You use all factors 
To change my facts,
My poverty that’s why has a claim.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, analogy, anxiety, longing, meaningful,

Invoking God's Love-

Halloween Michigan
We aloft we believe not in superstitions
Are you calling your heart
My love is reminsed
My soul kisses
The rim of my mind
Is ever so inclined
Social services Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock confusion
Are you stalling
Your spirit jumping hoops
Basketball bouncing off your chest
L. A. Nick's didn't make any basket
I am calling your heart
Let us dance away all holidays
Stop, recieve the trust of God
Allow Him to invoke His love

Written by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

by Fabiyas M V |
Categories: death, life,

Recurring Smell

He’d taught me 
to disbelieve 
ghostly things.
Skinning and chopping 
I cooked a poem. 
My thoughts grew 
under his eaves. 

Desolation dominates me
after his funeral.
A vague shape vanishes 
from my windowpane.
A stray dog 
magnifies mystery,
Being his son,
I say boldly 
this is an illusion. 

Can he rest in peace,
when I’m restless?
His smell 
mingled with an ointment, 
I often feel.
It floats
in my evening room, 
giving me goose-bumps.

Gravitational pull
of a profound love
creates wonders. 

First published in The Literary Hatchet