Love Poems About Superstar or Superstar Love Poems
by Jan Terry |
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A '70s State of Mind

'Jesus Christ Superstar':
this might tell you where we are.
With open sky and stars above,
it's just another summer of love.

Bota bag across my breast
(Strawberry Hill is the best).
In sandals and long madras gown, 
out for a seventies night on the town.

It's a Broadway production, L.A. style,
in an Amphitheater higher than a mile.
Sweet smoke permeates the air
with hundreds of people 'being' there.

Passing a joint down the row,
Mary just doesn't know
what's the buzz all about?
It's a happening without a doubt!

February 28, 2018

by Carolyn Dye |
Categories: black african american, girlfriend-boyfriend,

A Player

He breezes in like a superstar long money,fancy car. telling you things you want to hear. I'll take you there, we'll  go here. makes love to you the way no other can. setting you up for the perfect plan. turns away at the drop of a hat. That's where a player's head is at. you call morning, noon, and night. A man by day, player by night. Afraid of the woman who can make him right. all because of the player's life. A player once, a player twice, a player all the dyas of his life.

by Damian Keady |
Categories: deep, devotion, lost love,

Manic Depression - But You Are Beautiful

For You - The Lady I loved

What an angel you are 
Cute, beautiful and a star

I listen and I hear you, but you’re no longer here
You are a superstar, that used to sing in my ear

I wish I could have been there with you in your head
Or found the words that we should have said

To make it better I never knew
What I was supposed to do

Your songs are forever on my mind
My world was yours until it declined

Oh, if I could turn back the clock
So, we could maybe still work it out

I still love you now like no other
Forgive me my love that I was not stronger

Please hear my songs that make me fondly remember you
I hope you are at peace, I really do

All my Love


by Marty King |
Categories: loneliness, lost love,

My Mind Is Empty

my mind is empty
sinking and shrinking
i am lacking fulfillment
thinking and thinking
of you

i was once a superstar
aching with desire for
every moment of life
all the colors i embraced

one day you just up and 
changed your mind and 
disappeared like a ghost
spooked by progression

the suddenness of it all
left me in a forest full of
lost....i knew nobody and 
and i had not one friend but

now i sit in an empty room of
sadness and gloom....and wonder my mind becomes emptier
than abandonment in sheer darkness

by Bo Lanier |
Categories: angel, memory, song,


A timeless superstar she was
You could hear it in her voice
All her dreams, all her love
She could just had a way of 
Touching your soul maybe 'cuz
She had a heart of gold
Oh now even still her songs
Go on and on as if her spirit is
Still reaching out to us from 
The beyond just like an angel
Come home
Karen Carpenter and they still
Long to be close to you as time
Goes by you're still loved by 
Your fans, old and new
A timeless superstar she remains
Something of a legacy preordained
And as her songs go on and on
Every time it's just like an angel
Just like an angel come home.

~Dedicated to Karen Carpenter~

by William Jackson |
Categories: appreciation, love, romantic,

To You

I was addicted to your wispers of love like a dope fiend 
hustin an grindin is my reality, an what we was chasing was a pipe dream. 
I aint no sucka i knew i coulndnt have what we promised each other 
always an forever was to much you deserve someone much better. 
ima thug an hustla always makin moves addicted to livin in the fastlane 
fell in love with the game livin like a superstar but with no fame. 
an im tellin you if one day you wake up an im not there 
just know i truly cared an will cherish the time that we shared...

by Albert Reed |
Categories: dedication


What a superstar you are?
Someone destined to go far.

 I love and encourage you.
You can do whatever you set your heart to.

There is no stopping you now.
You have been through some tough times and made it somehow.

Keep on doing what you do
and in time you will be blessed with what you're due.

Keep on walking girl because your smile can bless the world.

by Anesto Mandizvidza |
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Had it been for the rolling ball
Elegantly you would slot with no shortfall
Artistically you play with hearts
Reaping a bumper to fill your huts
Teaming up for other minds; hurts.

Playing for thy lust wound to stitch,
Isolate everlasting harm on the pitch
Eschew a hit from the gun
Rather than chewing the lethal gum,
Castigate their state of illusion
Igniting flashing lights of vision
Nurture living minds to be broad
Gather them till they see the road.

Prick thyself on skin
Leave and do to a pumpkin
Agitate if you feel the pain
Yet to me you leave infatuation stain.
Emancipate self from storms of mischief
Re-embark on strategies to combat grief

by Sherry Watson |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,


My faithful man that's what u are
You are my superstar
I long to make you happy
I long to treat you right
I want to be your lady
While everything is right
U and me, we got mad chemistry
So on that special day
We'll be ok
We don't care what they say
They can't take our love away

by Mary Wyndee Macaraeg |
Categories: faith, hope, love,


Superstar is how I feel whenever you are around.
Because you are like a celebrity in a way I found.
It's probably in a manner your voices have sound.
I admire you a lot; still your feet are on the ground.

Superstar you are my Honey in that city so glamorous.
In the movie icon wax museum it was just marvelous.
Though even on our way to that state it was dangerous.
We had a great weekend on our honeymoon so fabulous.

Superstar was the thousands of our pictures in Las Vegas.
Like, one in front of the Arc of Triumph was with a class.
The night time photo of Venetian edifice we didn't surpass.
It was all wonderful; we left the second day after the mass.

by Methmi Mandara |
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You Are Our Rapper, Suga

You had no money
We knew, that's not funny
To eat, To drink
Or to travel by bus
But now as a superstar, you got all
You pursued your dreams
And you see our screams
You are our rapper,

Cute thin long eyes
Which cannot tell lies
The soft smile of your face
Makes me happy, no matter what case
A kind loving heart
You had from the start
You are our rapper,

by Michelle Morris |
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You're a superstar Like an orchid

You're a superstar
(Like an orchid)
By Michelle Morris

Like an orchid, you are wild
A superstar and master
Always my beautiful child
A blessed gift from God 

© Michelle Morris, 2023

"Orchids are the superstars of the wild flower world."

by Jaden Peckover |
Categories: food, funny, happy,

Naan Bread : a Naat Poem

In the oven's warm embrace, you rise,
A doughy delight, a savory surprise.
Naan bread, you're a gift from above,
A culinary creation we truly love.

Your surface adorned with charred grace,
Tandoori-kissed, in every case.
From India's heart to lands afar,
You're the superstar of the culinary car.

With ghee or garlic, you're often paired,
A taste so exquisite, none can compare.
Soft and fluffy, or crispy and thin,
In the world of bread, you always win.

From the tandoor's heat to our plate,
You're the reason we celebrate.
Naan bread, a poem we gladly sing,
A culinary masterpiece, fit for a king!