Love Poems About Supersonic or Supersonic Love Poems
by Kristen Varwig |
Categories: love, science

Physical Love

Without warning, he asks me
And our energy becomes potential.
Stretched by my inertia and his kinetic force,
The whole cannot remain constant.
The velocity is staggering before I say a word.
We are accelerating through supersonic silence,
His question hanging, creating shock waves
That radiate, exploding the sky.
He is drowning in this supernova suicide,
And I, as his companion in this
Binary system, cannot outshine him
Nor can I resist his mass as we collapse
Underneath the weight of this gravity.
"Is this love?" he asks again, as we spiral,
Twisted together and fragmented.
"Is this love?"
And my answer comes beyond the event horizon.

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: love, science fiction,


At the speed of light, I hear your scream
I wake up in a galaxy of dreams
Your restless thoughts shatter my sleep 
But I dare not take a step
On this terra firma of alien giants
Our love is the size of ants
In-between toenails and craters of decay
Will our love survive the day?

Their bellowed shouts are supersonic 
Emit an evil high frequency static
How will I ever hear your heart speak,
Or know of the love you seek? 

Your flesh preserved in a spacesuit
My mind covered in your bodysuit
An intergalactic love story about to be told
In this epic war of the worlds

by Alayande Stephen |
Categories: education, life, people,


Sycophancy they celebrate
Insolvency they worship
Profligacy they cherish
Grandiosity they love.

Impudence remains a force 
To reckon with 
Indolence rewarded 
Amidst pomp and pageantry
Intolerance to dissent
Views became the hallmark

Thesis plagiarizing became licit
Academic placid legitimatised
Megabyte prowling encouraged
Supersonic pillaging sanctioned

Persecution became acceptable
Intimidation remains excusable
Exploitation officially allowable

All these only during the
Dark days of an “Ifa priest”
With the so called magic wand
In the garden of life
Christen U and I.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: depression, emotions, feelings, loneliness, romantic, sick, solitude, song,

Sick Solitude Andaree

                                   Sick Solitude   Andaree
               I felt so sick in the sublime solitude                                  
     Your song of love started with prelude
           I was charmed in great lyric
                 Deeply romantic
                      Not at all
                 Over all
         Seemed supersonic
           Fabulously fantastic
 Interlude concluded in postlude 
  I felt so sick in the sublime solitude.

     Honorable Mention in Contest