Love Poems About Superseding or Superseding Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Wishing a Merry Christmas To All

W -Whimsical
I -  imps;
S - Santa's 
H - helpers
I -  invent
N - new
G - games.

A -  as

M - magical
E -  elves
R -  ride 
R-   reindeer,
Y -  yuletide!

C -  Christmas
H -  holds
R -  religious
I -   implications
S -  superseding
T -  this
M - marketing
A -  affiliated
S -  sensationalism.

T - Though
O - observers,

A - also
L - love
L - lights.



Christmas Poetry Contest
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by Martha Malloy |
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The Love of God

God's Love is greater than rubies.
His Love is more precious than diamonds.
His Love is powerful.
His Love is gentle.
His Love is a stronghold to those who are weak.
His Love is a protector against every evil desire of man.

His Love is Holy-
Superseding any form of feeling imaginable.

by Francis Osho |
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Fifth Symphony 1

a sweet legato melody fragment
pithy and memorable violin
giving way to pounding heart
atavistic relationships of
attendant focused forces
i do not love you except *
because i love you

sweet battles of the long war of love
articulate measures of lust
superseding the insidious invasions
fleeting moments of sorrow
i go from loving to not loving you

motivic relationships minor versus
major..thorns of the last war
my love moves from cold
to engulfing infernos
[from my epic long poem 2222 line . fifth symphony}