Love Poems About Superseded or Superseded Love Poems
by Red Fiery |
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Our Unconditional Love

My long denied dreams 
Met with realism 
when Your love superseded all the miseries of life  
Oh ! My  lover artist 
Paint your  love with Your divine kiss ;
the  purest eternal bliss

 You heel my heart  
With your gentle art !
I am your sweetest  muse  
Our thirst for each other 
Makes us go crazy !

the two extreme world 
Cannot deprive us  our love ! 
So we are born with a common fate
 an unconditional love  against the time
I wish to spend my life 
in your great strong arms 
Far from the country life 
Deep into the rustic charms !

by Lewis Nyaga |
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The friends talking
Talking catching up
Catching up trivialities
Trivialities exchanged
Exchanged with ease

For they are partaking joy
Joy of friendship and love
Love of seeing missed ones
Its what drives this bond
A bond pleasurable delightful

You have to look into their eyes
To realize they feel deeply yes
For each other at times this bond
superseded the overrated bond of love
Ascribed through the lens of soap opera

by Charles Grisham |
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Beautiful Rose

What happened to the past imagery
Everything I once was superseded by everything I wanted to be
It's welcomed in a manner such as beauty on a silk rose
And only left in tears and blood
And only lifted by the love of another's eyes
Her heart's desires are my penetrating goals
To meet and surpass the montage that has bombarded me
So loaded and loathed it's become yet so overlooked and ignored it is
It tells me to leave, it tells me she's another fluke
But it's all up to me in the end
And ultimately i chose the beautiful rose
Over the doubts' whim and the heart's ache

by Michelo Mweetwa |
Categories: addiction, lonely, longing, lost love, love, love hurts, marriage,

It Is Called Love

It split you apart
You bled free tears to rejoice
You discovered words in your heart
You found a new self and a devout voice

It slit you in half
It took away your weakness
Superseded it with new wings of life
To fly you to where belonging is endless

It is called love
It is the audacity of a fragile soul walking though a menace
It is a sacrifice for nothing with everything you will ever have
It is the evanescence of hopelessness and a luminance of desire

by Shirley Hawkins |
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What are the benefits of AI?
Can it change the truth,
Into a falsehood or lie.
Why would we need this,
When the brain we have is real?
Artificial intelligence
The thought makes me feel ill.

If this comes into being
It would be a crime.
Our compassion and emotions
All would diminish with time.
We would eventually become robotic,
Confused, bewildered and unreal
AI is idiotic
Everything will go downhill,

Even more chaotic than today

Artificial Intelligence is not needed,
Our brains are here to stay
And not superseded
Responsible, Reliable, Sensible brains
That feel passion and love,
And are philanthropic.
Human beings
Not heartless robotics.