Love Poems About Superpowers or Superpowers Love Poems
by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: peace, people, peace, peace,

Peace On Earth

Peace on earth I cherish so much without doubt
Even if rancour exist between many nations
Active participation in peace talks brings about
Cumulative efforts to end external aggressions
Existing between the Jews,Palestinians and other nations

Orchestrated by selfish interest,religious bigotry and favoritism
Now is the time to shun racism,ethnicity and neocolonialism

Expanded programs on maintenance of peace would be a good notion
Action must be taken against leaders who commit genocide secretly
Reports made on any country producing weapon of mass destruction
The superpowers must demonstrate love by conceding more to really
Help the poorer nations to overcome their economic quagmires.

by Laura Hay |
Categories: fun,

Super Hero

Super hero’s are the best
I love to wear my superman vest
Pretend I’m saving all my friends
Fighting the enemy, battle to the end

Other kids try to make me frown
My superpowers take them down
My moves so fast, they don’t see the SLAP!

by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: analogy, angst, love, wisdom,

For the Vast Majority

Well, for most of us
the daily grind is heaven
there is nothing else
the mundane chores of life
is what life is
it is what it is
nothing more
nothing less
they tell you
you could be rich and famous
if you do this
believe in this
blah blah blah
we don't have
beautiful women or men
we don't have
magic or superpowers
we eat, drink
work, sweat and stink
we screw our women
and our men
we are screwed by
our women and our men
they say
God will bless us if
we give a tithe and more
but you've seen what happens
in churches
and in the name of God
they rape our children
seduce the mind
the daily grind of life
will do us fine
it is what it is
and I love it.