Love Poems About Supernovas or Supernovas Love Poems
by Pandita Sietesantos |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, night, romance, universe,

Under Stars One Autumn Night

Under Stars One Autumn Night
One breathtakingly beautiful Autumn night, when sublime supernovas wondrously ignite, showering the universe with blazing orange bright, enveloping all with total madness and moonlight, precisely at the stroke of mystical midnight - just love me totally holding me tight, ‘neath a starry blanket of heavenly autumnal delight!
09-06-2014 Contest: One Autumn Night (In Just 7 Lines) Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A Placement: 11th

by Christian Guild |
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Poetry is a mystery. 
How do you know how the poet feels? 
May feel depressed writing happy poems 
Bring their mood into a ray of sun
Or excited while writing depressed
Releasing the storm inside of them. 
So poems are a mystery. 
No rhyme needed, just rhythm. 
Let them articulate a sense of love and lost
The feelings of oceans and supernovas
Poets are a mystery

by Fredilan Samson |
Categories: depression, love, passion,


With supernovas crashing down my head
What was once black turns red instead
Dull ideas flashing in my brain
Moves as fast as a bullet train

The girls dance like swaying trees
Trying so hard like those wannabes
Still one thing really haunts my mind
That even the wisest man cannot define

Was it you who made my dreams shatter?
With your promises melting like butter
Always praying for us to be together
But if I asked, you won't even bother

When love's eyes melt, she's so uncool
The body is shivering like a twisted fool
Everything sucks like a blackhole sun
Like this poem that is left undone

by Ali K |
Categories: for him, how i feel, i love you,


Looking into your eyes
Is like witnessing 
A disco in the sky
Full of music and orchestra's
Colors dancing by.

Your soul is linked to mine
With that there is no doubt
For when your fingertips 
Touch my skin
I know it's you 
I cannot live without.

Supernovas and stardust 
Is what we will become 
But for now my love
Let us always
Live as one.

by Ronald D. Write |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, love,

One of My Untitled Poems

When I saw you, two stars in the heavens collided
Supernovas ignited
Showering with lights astronomers beyond the galaxy excited
A brightened, telescope with flares
Satellites printed pictures of explosions in a sphere
And here ...
In the precious of moments in time that we call earth
I lost her
In here ...
And in the precious of moments in times that we call earth 

Right here ...

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love, magic, romantic,

Fairy Tales

If there is a version of us
reflected by the stars in the sky 
the world dappled with supernovas  
would be left with a breathless sigh; 

Faith’s bountiful cup would pour 
from Earth’s crown flowing with ease;
Romance would live once more  
marveling at our masterpiece;

Reclaiming what was lost long ago 
your feelings so easily dismissed; 
Now gazing at our love you know 
that fairy tales really do exist.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Zen Mode

may the way we look
at both space and form
infuse innate vibrancy
of love's effervescence
that existence reflects
beauteous bliss hues
as a butterfly effect
setting aflame with joy
supernovas of light
till nothing else remains

save love 


by Marugu Mo |
Categories: love, memory, mental illness, pride,

This Love

The itch to love 
and satiate pride
swallowed too long stifles
without emancipation
A tragic capitulation to self

Pride, perhaps acerbic,
leaves morsels to ruminate
and loves to regurgitate
coy ceramic dalliances
and Venusian masquerades
Masked in smiles
And toxic

This love, 
These loose granite memories
Ductile innocents
And hasty lulls
These shining sunsets 
And supernovas
Must rest.