Love Poems About Supernal or Supernal Love Poems
by Joy Wellington |
Categories: introspection

Be Thankful For Blessings

I am so thankful, 

1.    God’s love and mercies

2.    Food on my table and a roof over my head 

3.    Friends and family

4.    Health and strength

5.    Being employed   

6.    The one I love

7.    That he loves me unconditionally
If you think you have nothing to be thankful for
Look around you and you will see:

God’s blessings, supernal

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: faith, heaven, inspiration,

Through the Ages

We worship amongst the brightest starlight through the ages.
Fears slip into sheets of darkest night through the ages.

In faith, we burst forth on salient flares through the ages.
Depths of grave shan’t deny supernal height through the ages.

Lord, we seek you; navigate our grateful days through the ages.
Quiet the tempest; let us rise on celestial flight through the ages.   

Sleeping babe, our promise of triumph through the ages,
we follow brightest star, His love to ignite through the ages.

Glory rises from empty tomb, a miracle through the ages,
brilliance of Heaven, constant in our sight through the ages.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: imagination, love, metaphor, moon, stars,

You Are My Moon

Sitting on the edge
Of a river's flow
I hear your tease
Seducing my breeze

Sprinkling moon-dust
Caressing love
Dreaming of a kiss
In supernal bliss

Composing music
Of Milky Way symphony
Taking starry stage
Where orchestra plays 

Dancing the night
Floating in the stream
Navigating closer
For heavenly encounter

You are my moon
My moon in the river

April 21, 2018

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: 12th grade, beauty, love,


My love is a flower
unfolded and symmetrical
decidedly delectable.

My love is a petal
seamless and silent
to a touch softly compliant.

My love is perfume
I am wont to consume
when it graces a room.

My love is a vision
of supernal design
who , thank God,
is gloriously mine.

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, trust,

Faith In God

Never blind, faith* in God beholds His heart Throbbing with love, granting life eternal Quickening soul against sins’ fatal dart Reviving spirit midst bliss supernal. By God’s brightened faith, I witness His hand Working out what’s best, perfectly gracious M I R A C L E S --- unbelief cannot withstand Here am I, in His sight, indeed precious.
*Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. June 21, 2020 3rd place, "Let the Pens Flow - Rhyme" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Jenish Somadas; judged on 7/2/2020.

by Allen Versyn |
Categories: hope, love, heart, heart, may,

One Day

One day, may the world turn in my favor.
One day, may my worldly desire come true.
One day, may my heart cease its constant aching.
One day, and may it come soon.

One day, may her smile shine throughout my life.
One day, may her supernal grace be my light.
One day, may I hold her heart as she holds mine.
One day, and may it come soon.

One day, may my eyes open to her voice.
One day, may I express to her my love.
One day, and all the days forever after.
One day, and may it come soon.
One day.

by Beryl Edmonds |
Categories: god, heaven, love,

Supernal Love

((( Supernal Love )))
Supernal love Of God above There’s no Heaven, believed by some That the earth hasn’t Godly presence Yet I truly feel the essence Through His love and wonders He’s done That the earth hasn’t Godly presence Say those who’s hearts are never won God’s sanctity the faithless shun Yet I truly feel the essence Supernal love That the earth hasn’t Godly presence Say some who’ll not find kingdom come Yet I truly feel the essence Of God above Of God above Supernal love
* * * 22nd November 2021

by Davieo Rothchild |
Categories: allusion, cute love, funny love, heaven, i love you, love, truth,

We Swooning Sparking Sparkling Fiery Fierce Lovers, By Davieo, David Rothchild

We Swooning Sparking Sparkling Fiery Fierce Lovers, By Davieo, David Rothchild

We Swooning Sparking Sparkling Fiery Fierce Lovers
When we were wholly as one true being complete 
Long known birth names could not be recalled 
A body was a sublime sky shaping unmovable mountain 

Eyes were closed, translucent time faring glowing minds 
Were lit with supernal love, diamond-sapphire happinesses
Kisses rained like golden rivers of sky posed painted joys
A love ocean deep rebalanced, memorialized empyrean emotions. 

We Swooning Sparking Sparkling Fiery Fierce Lovers, By Davieo, David Rothchild

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: loneliness, longing, love, moon, night,


playful the mood their tantalizing whispers

its dance shimmering across an onyx sky
feverishly climbs the lush strawberry moon

supernal aura of its charm lingering
like the trail of an alluring perfume
as tempting as any mermaid’s chant
on the loneliest of blue midnights

hearts beat of twin lovers in harmony, longing
their outreach intertwined to rendezvous

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