Love Poems About Superman or Superman Love Poems
by James Peranteau |
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My Man


        "Am I a man

           "You are

        Spider man
          Iron man
         And when 
 I am old and frail son

           I pray


by Ashley Mack |
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My superman
 He doesn't wear a long red cape or fly in the air
 he can't kill off evil villains with the power of a single glare
 But what he does have is rare and cannot be seen
 I can't see no wrong in him, he's hardly ever mean
 He has a heart so pure and a charm so sweet I think he's heaven sent
 All the girls get googly eyes but they can't have my Mr. Clark Kent
 But ladies don't be discourage there's a superman out there waiting for you
God will give a man that will change the world from the earth to the moon

by Rebekah Lynn Richards |
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Just a Dream

You can't be real
You can't make me feel how I feel
When will I wake up?

How on Earth can this be, 
That some one out there really loves me.

You are my superman, who belives in me
just one thing

Is this Just A Dream?

by Tim Ryerson |
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The Fifties

Slide-out Coke machines
Bubble gum baseball cards
Superman/Batman comics
Full service gas stations
25 cents a gallon
Dial phones
AM radio
Fats Domino
Black & white TV
Rabbit-ear antennae
Three channels
I Love Lucy
Drive-in movies
Double dating
Drive-in diners
10 cent hot dogs
Saddle Oxfords
Penny Loafers
Vacation bible school
Homemade playgrounds
Barefoot summers
A dollar was a fortune...

No cable
No Internet
No cell phones
No problem...

by Bukang Liwayway |
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You Are Like a Storm

Pain is within me,
Pulsating all over my body,
Burning like wildfires,
Discovering my hidden desires.

You are like a storm,
My superman is born,
Exploring the unknown,
From sunrise till dawn.

Can’t control the feeling inside,
Can’t resist without you by my side,
You are like a roller coaster,
Heat bursting like a fever.

Will it last for a lifetime?
Will you be really mine?
Or it will fade away in a flash?
That in my dream anytime it will crash?

August 27, 2016
All Rights Reserved 2016

by Trinity Biles |
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Perfection In Your Affection

I know you're the guy for me 
And one day I'll make you see, true love really can come free.

I swear we're perfect for each other
And together we will stay, through whatever weather.

You're my better half, you're my Superman
You're my livin dream dream, my greatest fantasy
You're my everything.

So baby, trust me, and just take my hand.

'Cause you're my greatest find, you're my favorite ride
You're my Valentine, my sweet rollin tide
You're my everything.

And I Love You.

by Alyson Mooney |
Categories: break up, depression, hero, i love you, teen,


It was for you who I fell
into this love that turned to hell.
but how could I resist,
I didn't know superman doesn't exist.

by Poet Shi |
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I Can Be Your Superman

I've seen how 
he miss treats 

He's always 
making you cry.

He leaves you lonely,
instead of holding you 

He rather hangout with 
his friends, then spend 
quality time with you...

And I can't bear
to see you like this 
anymore !!

I can't bear to just
stand by, as he keeps
breaking your heart.

It's time I put that S
on my chest, and 
come save you.

Treat you like 
a real man should.

Leave him in the past,
he doesn't deserve you.

I'm the answer
your heart seeks...

Come with me.

Written by: Poet Shi

by Lakendra Watts |
Categories: love

The One

For once in my life
I got something I
didn't have to give
Something I could
most defiantly feel
with no strings
My whole life I've
been waiting for
the "one"
I got him, he's got
me, so for more
there is none
When we are
together I feel no
breaks or tension
As if superman and
his woman were
on a mission
The purpose of this
is to fight for love
Don't give it up like
a selfish person

by Laura Hay |
Categories: fun,

Super Hero

Super hero’s are the best
I love to wear my superman vest
Pretend I’m saving all my friends
Fighting the enemy, battle to the end

Other kids try to make me frown
My superpowers take them down
My moves so fast, they don’t see the SLAP!

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: anxiety, flying, teen love,

Mighty Uptight

Superman was feeling mighty uptight
So he went out for a long midnight flight
   Spotted two teens making love
   Shut his eyes tight as a glove
But his blue leotard turned hard, alright

by Derrick Shane |
Categories: betrayal, break up, care, love,

Superman, Everyman

You are effervescent, scintillating, bliss
Easily the most beautiful woman I've ever been with.
Not your smile or eyes but your energy, I can't miss
I'd love you as a Jedi or a Sith.
Last night was more than I can put into text
But this morning you brought back pain
Pain I haven't felt since before we'd sext.
I thought you'd gone insane.
You said you wanted him. I wasn't enough.
He cheated, yelled, broke you. Hurt you.
I still can't believe you put up with that stuff.
But looking in your eyes I knew it was true.
Last night I was your Superman
Now I am just your everyman.

by Justin Fields |
Categories: anger, anxiety, assonance, baptism, beauty, blessing,


if you call me superman
I'll love you
you don't

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: deep, loneliness, psychological,

Toxic State

Toxic State

Endless endeavors embryonic embrace
Finite forever’s in a platonic place
Silently searching with afflicted affections
Of love’s misguided daunted deflections

You can not penetrate this superman soul
Love can pour out but not fill the hungry hole
Isolated illusions dismantled desires
Terminal toxins within flameless fires.

Toxic State - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: FJ Thomas

by Randy Johnson |
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He was an exceptional actor but now he's gone.
The man who I'm speaking of was Robert Vaughn.
Vaughn starred in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and twice on Columbo.
He starred in Escape From Witch Mountain and The Towering Inferno.
He guest starred in Hotel, The Magnificent Seven and The Love Boat.
He made a few appearances on The A-Team and Murder, She Wrote.
Millions of people are sad because Vaughn is dead.
It is terrible to lose an actor who was so talented.
I became his fan over thirty years ago when I watched Superman III.
He was a legend and when I learned about his death, I was not pleased.

[Dedicated to Robert Vaughn (1932-2016) who died on November 11, 2016.]

by Hebert Logerie |
Categories: courage, heartbroken, hurt, loss, love, pain, passion,

It Hurts So Much

It hurts so much
That I now fear nothing
It hurts so much
That I revisited everything
Under the noon
That I reexamined everything
Under the sun
And that I swallowed the pain
Like a daring superman
Oh! No more passion
Life is a daily lesson
Oh! What an experience
It’s divine to use common sense.

Copyright © June 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poetry.

by Atour Tamrazov |
Categories: family, children, people,

You Can!

If you are free woman, not only fan,
Do for our people what does a superman:
Love Shania Twain and sing if you can!

by Mike Dailey |
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He just stands there
Hands on hips
As if on guard - watching
His legs are flared in a wide stance
His feet planted firmly on the ground
His red cape flaps in the wind
What he sees, I can’t imagine
What he hears is beyond my range
If he feels, he never shows it
If he speaks it is with an authority only he recognizes
If he flys, it is only off the handle
Chronologically, he is 34 years old
On his good days, maybe 8, maybe 10
On a bad day – you don’t want to know
He just stands there
Hands on hips
As if on guard - watching
He is my superman

This is dedicated to anyone who knows someone mentally challenged be it autism or any number of other mental disorders.

by James Rasmusson |
Categories: introspection, me,

Up From Id

On the delicate balance of sanity
the energies flow
they come and go

Whether backing up to a migraine wall
or spilling out in a passionate call
from suicide to superman
my thoughts would race and interlace
the loosely knit fabric of time.

I was there
and everywhere
'til I met you.

Soft brown eyes and tender warmth
showed me a way and asked me to stay
and I know that I will my love.

by Harold Hunt Sr |
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What Are Mom's Made Of

They say that little boys are made of shells and snails and puppy dog tails.
They say that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Moms are made of thunder. As her voice booms to say,"Stay out of the cookie 
Moms are stronger than superman. When you want that peanut butter jar open.
    But most of all moms are soft and full of tears.
When you hand her flowers and say," I LOVE YOU MOM!!"

by Tiffany Flowers |
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Feelings For My Artist

April 13. 2014

He is the yin to my yang
He is my everything
He wipes away my tears
He takes away my fears
He holds me In his arms
He keeps me safe from harm
He is my dark to my light
He is my knight
He is my superman
He's my favorite artist to the end.

by Herb Alyètte |
Categories: love


You know I’m not that charming
No knight in shining amour
My eyes don’t seem so blue anymore
I’m just the son of a farmer.
I wish I could save the world
And put on a secret guise
I wish I could be your Superman
And rescue you by surprise.
You’ll see me mild and mannered
And working under cover
Your heart will be my kryptonite
A hero and a lover.
I’ll be your vigilante
There’ll be no need for worry
I’ll ride the skies like birds and planes do
I’ll be there in a hurry.
‘Til then I’ll just be humble
And stutter all my speeches
But if you see that charming hero
That Superman might be me.

by Michael Poyntz |
Categories: love

Sandcastle Days

We tumble
		with keys at the castle door
		we tumble with each other
		on the other side
		love creates a glorious hunger 

		idle afternoons spent
		playing out a dream  
	        that has come true 
                a princess flying with  superman		  
		the ability to leap tall dreams

		savouring the sweet taste of love
		warm moments on the beach 
		building castles in the sand
		looking beyond tomorrow 
		placing no boundaries

		intimately sensing
		we are sharing time
		as good as it gets
		who knew  that cornflakes 
		could taste so good


by Justin Abdool |
Categories: adventure, anti bullying, heart, hero, love, senses, strength,

Ode To Superman

He is pure steel for his body
To face many, oh so naughty

I'm sorry Iron Man
But you're not stronger than

A man in krypton, so bawdy!



by Ash Nichols |
Categories: betrayal, childhood, dad, desire, trust,

The Day You Never Came

The day you never came 
My love all the same

Like superman
To cryptonite  
You destroyed 
You destroyed the indestructible

All I wanted 
was for a dad
You end goal
Was to make me sad

You hurt me
Like everyone else

You never heard
My screams for help
My pleading for love
My yearning for affection

You just me as a weapon
A card 
To make other disregard 
The pain they wanted to cause

The day you never came 
My love all the same

Never again 
Will I feel that love
It comes from lies
Lies like you
that rip up insides