Love Poems About Superlatives or Superlatives Love Poems
by Anula Aboobacker |
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I'm a bunch of superlatives, like many of my contemporaries. We love, hate, laugh and cry, to the greatest degree, like a superlative.

by John Rhinem |
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Majestic Mandamus

Analyzing satires celeste images defined?!

Archtypes born side by side; carmine halos....

Transcending tangibles collective bell jar host

Internal objectives journey through the superlatives

Austere tides; juxtapositions museful nirvana eyes!?

Gazing upon celebral traces marking barefoot sands....

Latitudes showers from variables littoral clouds anew

Raining verticals truths aligned beyound, imaginations shores

Lissome dynamics peering into the nows mirrored mind?!

Monolithic hues; retracing tangibles celeste analyzed....


...."Majestic Mandamus" *

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: anti bullying, bullying, jealousy,

On Bullying

When night sky is the darkest Stars twinkle the most When bullies are harshest You feel like you’re toast! When tears come quickly Tenderness is your lot -- Some may think you sickly Real strength they know not, They are showing jealousy You have what they want So, they treat you hellishly Bullies so love to flaunt Their imagined abilities Walking exaggerated jaunt While you have superlatives And see no reason to taunt.
Written August 8, 2022

by Paul Curtis |
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The Wonderful Girl I See

Why do I love you?
Well it could be
Because you’re beautiful
Or that you’re funny

It could perhaps be
That you laugh at my jokes
Or that you chose me
When there are better blokes

It might be because
You’re caring and sharing
Or of modest disposition 
Though cautiously daring

Why do I love you?
It could quite easily be
Your wisdom and intelligence
Or that you’re pretty and witty

But it doesn’t matter
What superlatives I apply
Or how long the list of traits
And attributes that I supply
You wouldn’t recognise them
The wonderful girl I see 
Would be a stranger to you
Such is your modesty

by Alkas Poetry |
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If it is desired,
I wish everything full
Full moon
to my delight,
glass full for
scare away the sorrows,
plate full for
my satisfaction...
I wish wide smile
to welcome me,
intense love for
my pleasure...
I wish constantly,
every moment of
pure passion, all
happiness for the
my heart...
I wish all roads
and distances,
all joy
to fulfill
my life...
crave nothing less
that...but I'm satisfied
as if at least
have all the love of
that one I love so much...!