Love Poems About Superlative or Superlative Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
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What Causes Me To Love a Poem

What causes me to love a poem 
Is one that lingers in my mind, 
A poem of a kindred spirit kind,
The kind that makes me feel at home.

A solemn poem that makes me cry,
Or one with clever wit and flair,
Or one with sentiment to share,
A poem that causes an awestruck sigh.

The best would sparkle with romance 
The kind that Chris Green writes to prove 
Superlative his words of love, 
Melodic rhyme that woos one to dance

Under a starlet diamond sky 
As poetry whispers in the wind
A sonnet forms in mind to send
Along with dreams to wayward fly.


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by Sarah Cassleman |
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Here lies the best Grandfather,
One who was very considerate.
Remembering him as a child,
I would sit on his lap.
He was a rare person indeed.
He was a colonel in the Army.
Also superlative of a gentelman.
Here lies the best grandfather,
May he rest in peace.

by Anula Aboobacker |
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I'm a bunch of superlatives, like many of my contemporaries. We love, hate, laugh and cry, to the greatest degree, like a superlative.

by Tony Bush |
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We, in the heart of midnight, connected, 
Charged by electronic parables spun 
Through cables and channels of fragile fibre, 
Close-knit and ambitious to be as one. 

The amethyst drape of coffee shadows, 
Heliotrope hands of praying faith 
Gathered me in and held me close, 
An avid, emotional, passionate wraith. 

Devoted, bedazzled I anticipated 
Words that hypnotically burn and entrance, 
Wings of a dove in the lavender sky, 
Soft falling rain from clouds of romance. 

I, in the heart of midnight, concluded 
Placid in peaceful superlative schemes, 
My love is the saviour of hope and salvation, 
Guardian of idylls, the keeper of dreams.

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: hope, inspirational, life, love,

Kindness Spreads

Superlative gestures with an impromptu style
Giving nods, a hat tip, as I walk my miles
For strangers, too, I offer smiles
Each and every day

They in return, give a nod of notice and thought
For now in their eyes, I have been caught
Knowing kindness can never be bought
They return it the same way

by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: beautiful, moon, romantic,


For The love Of moonstone's Lucent beauty A treasured heirloom Promoting clairvoyance And intuitive feeling Hanging on a graceful décolleté Where its luminescence gently rests Superlative Victorian Moonstone.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, extended metaphor, god, miracle, poetry, spiritual,

Divine Spark Magic Scintilla

In us a flame ,scintilla
        magic at the core ...
        Withstands all this
        is the divine link and flash ...
        Spark of love
        that enlightens us ...
        Ignition magnificent that
        propels us to
        the health of lives ...
        Let's preserve
        this superlative treasure ...
        It is the unbreakable milestone
        of our sublime alliance
        with omnipotence, omnipresence
        and eternal omni-awareness ...!

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, blessing, love, metaphor,

Superlative Love

Superlative than the love that I have, 
only the love that I offer you
 and the love that you donate to me!