Love Poems About Superimposed or Superimposed Love Poems
by Akinpelu Ishola |
Categories: dark, loneliness,



Beneath your grave,
Take me along 
I'm lost on my world
Suffering is my friend
Agony is my watchword
I wined and dined
With the devil
Call me "Lord Lucifer"

This world is empty
I felt the pains underneath my eyes
My eyes are filled with tears
Dropping like a rotten leaf
How can I live alone?
While, my love is dead
I heard her screamed louder.
It echoed on my heart
Damaged my lungs
And ripped off my soul

Take me along
Where we can live forever
Dagger my heart
So, I can die honorably
And superimposed on your body
Buried beside you till eternity
Vanity upon vanity
I'm empty without you.??