Love Poems About Superimpose or Superimpose Love Poems
by Dina Grutzendler |
Categories: philosophy


interrogated exclamation
of this sweet and bitter immense tickling loneliness
hard labor
plastified by diverse molds
deep filigree taste
in exhaustible muscle
mind that climbs and rolls
with a battery of titanium

In this loneliness of automation
free greetings of the denture
kind and inocuous farewells
that evaporate and disappear...
travelers of sealed spirals
where beginning and end
ciclically superimpose
recite the myth by memory
and unable to define their flame
exist when they think
dye when they sleep
vibrate when they love giving
plunge serene into the full void.

by John Hamilton |
Categories: desire, love, romantic love, sensual, summer, true love,

Summer love

Summer love  (sonnet contest sample)

Winter blues, gloom, fades as spring advances
We're crazy in love on hot hazy days
Summer love blooms with whispers and glances
Caught in love's embrace as the willow sways

Ensnared by love's frenetic energy
Heart strings strumming to a Calypso beat
We move with syncopated synergy
passions swells rising from two lips in heat

Diamond tipped waves shimmer, sending shivers
Steamy heat rises on the cool blue lake
Oil rubbed skin glistens, trembles and quivers
Our senses come alive in passions wake

Tethered together in honey'd repose
As heat exchanges we superimpose

May 6,2018