Love Poems About Superhuman or Superhuman Love Poems
by Tom Arnone |
Categories: age, first love, growing up, nostalgia, old, sick, youth,

Age and Flow

If I had to recount a range for pure,
If would be womb to birth to sixteen years.
Aglow with vigor on a virgin shore --
Of first-love hugs and superhuman tears.

Fearless and careless of body and mind,
A known contradiction, a youthful show.
But, age spins quickly to the daily grind --
And, feelings reverse as we age and flow.

Gray and grown with painful inflammation.
Nothing to fear from a senior mind-prism.
Protesting every new deformation --
The paradox of youth versus wisdom.

Young, infinite, bliss, immortality --
Lost in mature, moonless normality.

August 23, 2016
Which Of The Four Would You Choose - Poetry Contest

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poetry,


How far has wisdom travelled?
Generations of clever people,
With their intelligence and inventions,
Sometimes for the good,
Others bad,
Wars ammunition guns, bombs,
Aeroplanes rockets,
How far will it go?
When did wisdom turn into terror?
Money ruling the world,
Power controlling life
Evolution quickened up,
Life and technology,
Superhuman brains
Just like computers,
Did we have brain transplants?
Just like Frankenstein,
When will wisdom be ruled by love?
Will we keep evolving?
Until we destroy the world,


by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: love, sexy,

Soft Brush Of Sexy

Paul Newman eyes, superhuman strength, tremble my knees.
Tom Selleck moustache, soft brush of sexy invites my kiss.

My sailor’s shirt tapped me on the shoulder, “If I said
you had a good body, would you hold it against me.”

When my “prince” knelt down to tie my shoe, not glass,
I fell in love, way too fast, before I could breathe. 

My negligee, on fire with his wanton eyes, marries me.

Seven lines of romantic heaven...Silent One

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: beauty, love, smile, woman,

Crestfallen Smile

Like lightning falling from heaven,
your last fling ended without warning
Bewitching Boston Creole buxom beauty,
your crestfallen smile told a tragic love story
Superhuman strength from an unknown source
moved you on your curvaceous Amazon course
I watched from a low hanging urban perch
as you floated with sassafras ease towards me
Suddenly you stopped right in front of my eyes,
and started looking around with sensual curiosity
I fell from my heart stoop, lost in your rapt reverie
In the delta of destiny, you found your new journey
A rising tide of romantic hope swiftly over swept me
Funny Valentine smile washed ashore next door literally 

by Nas Payton |
Categories: loss, lost love, love, romance, sad, song-lyricme, me,

Why Did You Let Me Go

Why did you let me go my superhuman cutey....?
I'm blind of your intelligence
so why did you let me go...?

I believe that you were my girl
so you had to know that i was your man
and this song, this song is my plan.
I'm hoping that you understand
that i placed my heart in your hands.

As my blood leaked away 
your love faded away.
so im force to say
Why did you let me go?
Why did you?

by Dean Walker |
Categories: caregiving, death, life, loss, lost love, passion, people,

Lost Love

Lynn Mibell and I slept
on a flattened futon and dreamt
of better days. Days when her 
dear brother was not dying of AIDS.

Days when our love life flourished.
When we walked hand in hand
along the bold face of 
Stone Mountain. We were giants.

We danced all night in New Orleans.
After partying all day on the horse-
racing track of the Heritage
Jazz Festival. We danced on clouds.

As if our legs, our feet were
divinely influenced, kissed, kissed
kissed, by the gods, superhuman.
Now, Lynn Mibell lays 

on that old bed and dreams of
nothing short of  monumental
change. Nothing short of
ending good and evil universally.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, love,


Finally, love in human guise, 
The God-like form and angel eyes, 
Unspoken words unto the wise, 
A gospel to evangelise. 
And in such seeing weaved the spell 
Of starry night and wishing well, 
Hypnotised into the swell, 
Emotion freed, I tripped and fell. 
Love perceived as love could be, 
A superhuman symphony 
To captivate the heart of me, 
That you were love, finally.