Love Poems About Superhighway or Superhighway Love Poems
by jake aller |
Categories: dream, love, magic, marriage,

her love shinning through

Her Love Shines throughout the day

Every morning
I wake up 

and look at my sleeping beauty
 next to me 

I am filled with love 
peace and happiness 

as the sunlight fills the room 
As the nightmares 

From the night before 
fade away 

into nothingness 
dust in the cosmic wind

I realize that all I ever needed 
all I ever wanted 

is for my wife 
love to shine through the day

 until the end of my days 
on this earth 

until then every morning 
I wake up 

with her by my side 
is a gift from God

version two for poetry superhighway

by jake aller |
Categories: angel, loneliness, lonely, lost,

alone no more

Alone  No More 

from childhood edge
I have been alone
all by myself
fills my heart
as I look out
at the world
filled with lonely thoughts
then I look about me
and see the love 
of my life
my lovely wife
standing there

standing there 
and these loneliness 
these blues of mine
fade away 
into nothingness
lonely no more
for the rest of my life
she will be my life
we will face the future
defeating the loneliness
alone no more
until the day I die

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