Love Poems About Superheroes or Superheroes Love Poems
by Jessica Bailey |
Categories: 9th grade, deep, meaningful,

Who Are You

is love greater than lust? or is lust greater than love?
to the cheating man, it is the latter, are you a cheating man? or one of loyalty?
are you a good guy like the superheroes in movies? or are you the villain?
to the honest man, you are both, are you an honest man? or one caught in a web of lies?
am i what you want? am i enough?
to the romantic man, of course i am, are you a romantic man? or a realistic one?
so, what are you? who are you? are you a cheating man stuck in a web of lies that sees me as merely a sexual conquest? or are you a loyal man that is always honest and sees me as his muse? or are you both?

by Jim Yerman |
Categories: love,

Their Superpower

They wanted to be superheroes
They took their inspiration from the beauty and the softness of a flower
and understood their gentleness
and their kindness
is their superpower.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: desire, dream, god, spiritual,

No Dream Unattainable

Plunged into this dream world, heart frolics
Yet finds itself limited by body
To be like superheroes in comics
Boundless aspirations so embody

Our fearless, alert pilgrim soon discerns
The world external is but fleeting form
Going within, in astonishment learns
Soul eternal pulsates bliss currents warm

Consciousness expands, feeling touch divine
Mind-body but an earth life interface
All enabled, when our head and heart align
Desires cease, upon imbibing Gods grace

Seeking the zenith, why settle for less
To reclaim love and light, simply say yes


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