Love Poems About Superglue or Superglue Love Poems
by Paul Callus |
Categories: funny,

Love Stuck

~Love St(r)uck~

                Desperate Susan
     cannot budge from lovers’ bench 

              stuck with superglue

     Contest: Picture Perfect Haiku #2
                 Sponsor: Skat A
                     Placed 2nd

by david short |
Categories: angst, life, lost love, love, song-

Being Apart Only To Be Together

I’m so tired of being here
Drowning away tear by tear
They keep you away from me	
Why does that have to be?
You’ll always hold a place in my heart
They’ll never be able to break us apart
And my wounds they see
Deeper and deeper they tear into me
Then I see your face
Frown by frown its all erased
Smiles and happiness you bring to me
Together alone well never be
For you have me and I have you
Bonded together with superglue
My x’s and o’s are overdue
So be patient because I love you

by Sayeed Abubakar |
Categories: sad,

Facebook In Prison

Facebook is in prison-how we are, you can realize.
Only ghosts and elves loiter here-
yet how will I flee, how will I run away
leaving behind my ancestors' house?
How painful it is to love men-
you know, I know.

Those who love and who find out the pearls and gems
like divers are villains here. Heroes are those
who possess the necks of gorillas,
the claws of leopards
and the eyes of vultures.

Writing our sorrows and the news of our poems and flowers,
we will not send more to the world-
our two hands are tied with chains,
our mouths are stuck with superglue
and our Facebook is in prison.