Love Poems About Superficially or Superficially Love Poems
by TS Lewis |
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There's worse things we
could be than being
color opposed.
Educated without
Beautiful and alone
The world without
a trophy case.
Or trophy case
without the world
in it
 or a god to spin it.
To appear you have 
it altogether,
while self is
There's worst things
than someone
loving you
and afraid
your dirt won't stay on you
after they've hugged you
There's those things
many seldom see 
Bigger problems
we must solve
If we've been commanded to
love everyone
as we love ourselves
we're loving one another wrong

by Mike Gentile |
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Race For Tomorrow

Just what is race?
What does it mean?
By book
A group of common ancestry
Superficially diverged
             By only what is seen

Will differences
Not be mended
In future
Will there be a race for tomorrow
One race comprising all
          A world that is blended

R ace for tomorrow
A nger dissipated
C olor erased
E volved thinking

F airness for all
O ne family of man
R ivalry negated

T errorism ended
O rder restored
M alice allayed
O utcry ceased
R eady to love
R ecipe for joy
O thers accepted
W orld peace

by Nicholas Westerhausen |
Categories: angst, dedication, faith, life, passion, philosophy

So Much

So much of being a Christian
is insecurity.
walking on water.

Hardship from breaking
shells of society's embrace.
Walking on water
by our faith.
Insecurity in wealth
as well as going out on a limb.

So much of being a Christian
takes perseverance.
requires determination.
is being different.

Is being different from others
who love superficially.
Requires determination in direction
and determination in removing pride.
Takes perseverance through trials
as well as in ourselves--preserving the true us.

Being a Christian takes so much of me
I will be determined to bear fruit on me.

by L'nass Shango |
Categories: on writing and words

The Critic

I am not a man who loves superficially
When I eat a poem
I peel it skinless with my teeth
Bite and suck the juicy pulp
Lick the seed white before planting it again
I am the lion eating its meat
Don't ask me to gloat on dross
To secure the favor of popularity
Poetry is a sacred gift
Upon my altar it is a sacrifice of totality.
Melt, melt, melt into it
Ice into the ocean blue
Light into sky
Love into you
And let us sip and feast on words together.