Love Poems About Superconscious or Superconscious Love Poems
by Darren Garmer |
Categories: inspirational, love

Holy Ascendancy

This universe space sends from its source…
Infinite vibration rhythm beats filling each place, showing truth course…
One love
One god
One soul
One consciousness
One way
One truth…
Remember this wisdom now, you knew in your youth…
Shed sorrow
Shed separation 
Shed stunting spiritual strengthening…
Simply shift singular seeing, shaping supreme sovereignty 
Singing superconscious songs sharing shining soul sanctuary…

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, extended metaphor,

Perfection Or Almost

To be further complete
it is dramatically necessary
captivating essence,
present hope,
adaptive ethics,
constant criticism,
coherent strength,
superconscious love,
wise life...
without that we are
practically incapacitated
to live joyfully...!