Love Poems About Supercilious or Supercilious Love Poems
by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: blessing, love,


Lionise longing love,
Sprawling supercilious stuff,
Crystalline compatible craving,
Romantic rapturous revealing,

Inevitable intrepid iridescent,
Memorable mystic magnificent,
Vibrant vivacious vitiates,
Salubrious succour speculates !

Written on 5/7/14
Sponsor- Dr Ram Mehta
Contest- Alliteration

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: absence, change, cry, love, marriage,

A Supercilious Lover

Ann has everyday to plead
That Arthur address her need:
Her wish to on table feed,
Beside Author novels read,
Their three kids move at top speed;
For their first child buy a tweed…

Ann is the plant, Arthur weed,
She can’t shine like a prized steed;
All these cannot True Love breed:
Arthur who won’t counsels heed…

Ann keeps convulsing like reed,
Now taught to kiss him with greed!
This, hence, a matter serious,
Ann’s lover supercilious…

You don’t conclude “Just curious”
For I sense ‘The Injurious.’