Love Poems About Supercharged or Supercharged Love Poems
by charles hice |
Categories: parody, people, sad, science fiction, people, education, people, sleep,

OFF and On

OFF and On
Simply put some people are always ON and they are supercharged and have no 
lack of energy gastrulating vehemently as the victum less than gleefully reacts to 
them oh please my work is over in one hour eye am very sleepy now as soon as 
eye have eaten and made love then eye must sleep and get some rest somehow 
oh eye knoe that you are someone in the world of education oh you say you are a 
teacher and you expostulate the ramification of my emulation of a sheep at sleep 
and resting in the field of grass between the Sheppard dogs at last just let me do 
this last hour of my job and learn people do not have to bow to a higher learner 
when they earn.

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art, passion, romantic,

small poem big punch

Butterfly love messages
Better to fly through romantic passages

Shelter you in tender verse
Pillow passions, warm and gooey
Let yourself be immersed

Time standing still substance
Supercharged feelings filling buckets
So large soul enriching sustenance
So succulent, most excellent