Love Poems About Supercedes or Supercedes Love Poems
by Leon Enriquez |
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Signature Verse

Remember this paradox here:
All is not what it may seem to be;
There are those that stifle good cheer;
And cast slur on spontaneity.

Stupidity has no expiry date. 
Imagination supercedes knowledge;
Transcend anxiety as love bestows fate;
Success is ever a sharp double edge!

Leon Enriquez
24 February 2014

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: care, devotion, faith, father, god, love, simple,

In Deed

Not for what I have done,
but what you've done for me,
you love me in deed.

Not for who I now am,
but for who I will be,
your love intercedes.

Not for my blemishes,
but in spite of all them,
your love supercedes.

You refine me with fire
like a purified gem.
You love me indeed.


by Jess Opperman |
Categories: allegory, death, loneliness, loss, love, pain,

And Now

standing at ground zero
before and after existing
until time supercedes
now I have life
without her