Love Poems About Superbly or Superbly Love Poems
by Autumn Ehrhardt |
Categories: love, mystery, nature, peace, religion

Early May Morning, Daily 27

The low level haze
Carries the smell of smoke superbly.
The morning cooled daze
Leaves no room for joking.
Silence flies a dove.

The May early Sunday
Marries the peace of two lovingly.
No serendipitous replays
Sighs for attention provoking
Reverence stays above.

The grayness of this sky
Expires the normal jests remarkably
The quiet does not lie
Takes no verse evoking
Guidance He is love.

by Matthew Rozon |
Categories: love,

Thee Want Feeling Of Love

Consiously Unscrutibly Aw'inspiringly Superbly
Aware . . . Careless, In a Wake of Sentilating
Scintilation, Omniously Looming Over Thee
Bound Of Inevitability Earingly tenuous
Stretch of Love, Fore Boading A
Break, Of Subconsious Relevation,
tuned into event's Elate. None now will
tell, of what cooexisting protruding doth wait,
The tender lovingness & feeling again together forever
& ever . . . To Never Separate