Love Poems About Sunup or Sunup Love Poems
by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, love, morning, romance, sun,

Sunup Seraph

Long, the shadows with morning dew

                    Herringbone clouds like gossamer lace

          Airbrushed above on the blazing blue

                    Blooming as morn on your angel face

          Sunrise enchanter with skin, unleaven

Tenderly daubed with a kiss ... of heaven.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "When Line Six Is A Perfect Fix" Poetry Contest, Silent One, Sponsor.

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "Late June 2018 Standard" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor.

by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: day, morning, summer, sun, sunshine,

Crack of Dawn

Mornings whisper, melting away the night Gentling passions with magnificent grace Silencing fears and tears with an embrace Lifting the darkness with heaven’s sunlight Dawn quiets the glistening of the moon Reflecting stillness that sparks joy inside Where laughter stirs the spirit to confide In the breathless pleasure who is in tune Sunup colors feelings in perfect praise Charming the moments with eternal thanks Puzzling minds who try to fill in the blanks With stories of true love that will amaze Listen to tales hewn by the rising sun Yarns, bold as summer who won’t be outdone

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, romantic love, true love,

Because I Love You

You always say I'm talented 
And for that I say thank you
But understand the reason
Why I do what it is I do
It's because I want to impress you
I suppose that's immature 
But I love hearing you say you like it
And so I give you more and more

No song too difficult to learn
I don't seek for renown
I'll work on things all day and night
From sunup to sundown
I want to make you happy
I want your heart to sing 
And in order to accomplish that
I'll do anything 

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: dream, longing, love, relationship, sleep, words,



softspoken words released
in flight to kiss his lips
eager to wrap him in the 
gentle arms of silence

each breath caressing
the velvet of his whispers
intent to waltz me 
well into my dreams

he loves me in a million ways
from early sunup until
the stars themselves grow dim
and one by one they fall to sleep

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology book ~CITYLIGHTS~ 2021

AP: Honorable Mention 2022

Submitted on December 29, 2021 for contest 'A STRAND (DEC 30)' sponsored by BRIAN STRAND  -  RANKED 1ST

Originally posted on October 21, 2021

by romeo naces |
Categories: hope, husband, love, passion,

Soon Comes Sundown

though we've gotten used to moving on and away
just before the dawn ushers in
another new day

          still it deeply pains me to see you see me
          feigning  strength in letting you go,
          letting you be

                    but let's take heart, this sunup will soon be sundown
                    and we shall once again be alone,
                    on our own

                              so for now, let your slumber drift away, satin hair,
                              let it vanish like a wisp of mist
                              in the air.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: i love you, imagery, longing, love, romantic, together, true love,

Fly Me to You

I thought I heard you calling in the sighing of the wind 
I stood straight up and answered, unwilling to rescind 
The notion that it wasn't you, that I was hearing things 
I wanted you to come to me, on gilded bluebird's wings
To fly me someplace far away where music does abound
To play and sing most every day from sunup to sundown
And on those days where we don't play from sunup to sundown
I'd only want to sit near you and by you be around
To wait on you, take care of you, to pour you cups of tea
Anything I need to do to have you near to me
See I want nothing fancy, no fanfare, no ado
What I want is simple, just spending time with you