Love Poems About Suntans or Suntans Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, august, feelings, image, imagery, summer,

Children's Laughter

The sound of children’s laughter is refreshing to my ears, and brings a smile to my day. Even more than summer’s heat I love the cacophony of youth's innocence at play. The scamper of tiny feet fuels my enthusiasm, for the frolics of summer. It begins right after spring, for much like nature, children dance to another drummer. As their vigor pumps my heart I almost feel young again, spry, without an ache or care. Summer’s the season for fun, suntans, and relaxation, to me, it’s beyond compare. (Tri-Con) 06/24/2020 Summer Love Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Chantelle Anne Cooke