Love Poems About Suntanned or Suntanned Love Poems
by John Arola |
Categories: allusion, analogy, beautiful, beauty, love, romantic, romantic love,

Beautiful 2 --- My Harbor and Sea

	Gentle waves of raven locks lap against the shore of her skin,
	Soft, suntanned arms beckon the dusky light on the horizon,
	Angelic radiance to her form.  Cleansing sin,
	A dying shadow, behind, fading slowly as the night summons.

	Twilight in her eyes, where stars radiance waits to shine,
	She sits on sand.  Her brow, once a storm, now calmly rests,
	Her slender hand, fingers graceful and fine,
	Strokes the beach with a fond caress.

	The wind, a tempestuous lover, the water, her supplicant,
	At her feet like a prayer, and a plea,
	On this, till my life’s journey spent,
        She is my harbor, and my sea.

---A continued exploration on a theme---

by kerry singleton |
Categories: life, life, universe,

My life

My feet walk a thousand miles
new places new faces
it's what I like best
A bohemian gypsy
Free & easy I live my day
under the warmth of the tropical sun
under the star filled universe
I have no regrets

Peace & love is what's real
tattoo's on a suntanned body
toe rings anklets & bracelets wrapped in a sarong
This earth is my home
forever I will roam
A drifter that is me 
living life today
living my life 
my way!

by David Drowley |
Categories: love, sun, time,

Sunny Hours

I only tell of sunny hours...
Sundial yeoman;
Suntanned sentinel 
Stand watch,
Shedding tears for unrequited love.
My cooling shadow stalks sun;
Caresses with timely sunscreen
Sweet sundial’s gilt Egyptian face.
Ask me time of day;
“Shadow knows,” I’ll say.
Shadow will not rest
‘Til sun does nest.

by Kimberly Lombardi |
Categories: love,

For Torres

Awake in you 
the wonder of my tears.
Unrequited  touch no longer my fear.
Physical act so good is sin.
Thoughts of suntanned body
above the white of my skin.
Comforting pictures in my mind.
The work of your brown eyes shine.
Your voice melts away any remnants
of my walls of stone.
All this combined my love
sends me into a world divine.