Love Poems About Sunshines or Sunshines Love Poems
by arthur vaso |
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fermented smiles



in Chatham


lend a  hand
lovely and grand


negative vibes
no more brandy
only wine
sour grapes hide

A king
soothes all my voices
even if both cry


ignore the rain
dance arm in arm
sunshine shines
wisdom speaks



by Marley Marlibu |
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Ripped by a rose

Ripped by a rose

She has a smile worth a thousand sunshines, even in the dark she glows...
She is the girl next door, Mary Jane.

I cannot ask for her numbers for she is the kind that humbles an eagle, she is one of a kind.

I am crushing hard, face first into the hive where bees sting hard like lies.
Tick tock! I am running out of time.... I got to make her mine.

by mark junor |
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her self portrait

she sat in the beautiful sunlight
with deeper wishes in her eyes but
her young heart dances to the sweeter song
so she asked me to hold her hand
till the darkness had passed
now shes hot on the trail of true creation
down to earth with all natural heartfelt ways
bends me round her legendary smile
and while writing a freehand verse of sunshines laughter
she paints a lifesize version of
tomorrow's beautiful sunrise into the eyes of her self portrait
she is knee deep in the mud of inspiration
the persistent sunshine of the soul lights her way
the enduring hope of a hand held guides her path
its beauty can be seen in her self portrait

by Lystra Harrigan-Cox |
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Malika, my little one

Night has fallen
my little one
Close your eyes
and dream of the sun
When you awake
your dream will come true
The sun will be shinning
my little one for you

Dalight has broken
my little one
Open your eyes
and welcome the sun
She waits in the garden
where you love to play
Waiting to grant 
all your wishes today

So hurry, come on
my little one
Lets laugh, dance, 
sing and have fun
for soon night will call
once again you will rest
and dream of tomarrow
in sunshines caress

Night has fallen
my little one
Close your eyes
and dream of the sun

by Joseph May |
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Your kiss from heaven

  The first kiss from heaven was given to Adam
                  It was the breath of life
 The second kiss  came from Eve his wife
                Many more kisses followed when children arrived

 God sent his son to be the sacrificial lamb
                To redeem us from the sin of Adam
So we may have life eternal
                In his kingdom to reign we shall 

In sunshines warm embrace or the cool  caress of rain
              In  the wind's hurried  pace  or snowflakes soft refrain
Many blessings come from above
             With the most beautiful being the gift of love

Joseph May

For Gail's - Your kiss from heaven contest- 

by Michael Degenhardt |
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Eternal Sunshine

Yours, is the last face I see each evening
The first face I see when I dream
And is the face of my sunrise
It is my reason for every smile
It is my motivation for every day
Allow me now to look upon your beauty
As my heart swells with 
The undying love of all sunshines
And the knowledge that the sun’s beauty
Is captured in your smile
For your countenance warms me eternally

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It's Not Easy To Say Good Bye

When you look at me,
Please don't let our love be free.  
Of the love you have given,  
 Where do I turn?  
 Give unto your thoughts, 
 For I have a lot to learn, 
 Never ask why?, 
 Please Not Good~Bye! 
 As the Sunshines, 
The clouds shall make way
You will always hear, 
 As someone will say
There will be a better way 
That is because I am not shy
 Never will be a sad day 
  For when I have to say GOOD BYE

by Mary Shelwood |
Categories: family,

Our Home

Here stands a special place
With beauty all aglow
This lovely placed called home
where warmth and blessings flow

Sunshines upon by day 
And moon keeps watch by night
Angels hovering close-by
With graceful wings insight

A wreath upon the door
hung there gingery
The porch is most inviting
For friends and family

Warmest hues of rainbow
Surround the walls with love
Sweetest scent of flowers
Yields fragrance from above

The Olver's are gracious hosts
Each guess remembers well
Care for a cup of tea?
Do sit and rest a spell

Hearty conversation
Plenty of good cheer
That's why this house is special
It's memories we hold dear

by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: love

Coloring Our Dream World

Puffy Clouds,Wet Rain,
Sunshines ,Everynow and then,
'Gotta Catch that Spell'
beaming in a Girl's Sweet Smile,
Painting Rainbows ,Just for You.


by Leila Cowles |
Categories: devotion, friendship, love, uplifting, fire, fire,

Polished Sheen

Softly glowing gold
Polished to a satin sheen
Sharply faceted diamond
Beveled edges contain fire within

Sheer golden heirloom
Speaks with grace in beauty
Humbly gleaming of unmasked glory
Polished to a satin sheen

Seemingly transparent beauty
Awaits the light for life
Caught in sunshines rays it ignites
Sharply faceted diamond

A spectacular set of friends
One of gold and one of diamond
Polished to a satin sheen
Beveled edges contain fire within

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, destiny, future, love,


When alas is a love Where is she? Someone is to be loved As bright as day to love Where is she? Someone as the sunshines flows On the flowers trees that sway in the wind so blows I to need a love that flows A love that spiritual last at least Later then a love can be commuted physical Where is she? But I say, this today I have no love No one to care for ! That someone is out there? Someone? Where is she? Somewhere to love me faithful? Someday? She is where? Where is she?
6/9/21 Written by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

by Angel Brown |
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Sunshine when it's rains

Sunshines when it rains
In order 4 a flower 2 grow you have 2  have
sunshine and rain
heartache and pain
dis likes and likes

nThroughout life you will always have ur set of trials. 
But you can never be a winner unless u over come the obstacles that are 
constantly surrounding you.
I did it why cant u
that's the thing 
you can make it
with God
as ya strength anything is possible
Just belive and it shall come 2 pass......

by glennis tolman |
Categories: friendship, lost love,

Remember Me

You ll hear my voice
      when the wind whispers
pass your window.
You ll see my face
     in the clouds
You ll see my smile
     when the sunshines
And feel my touch when
   it rains
So then you ll always 
      remember me

by Indiana Shaw |
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Give It Up Sunshines


Thomas and Fluffy
Who never do miss a mouse
They're all in my house

Indiana Shaw . . . 

"I am not sure if I am home to two abandoned cats, or to all the field mice they cart back into the house" . . . : /

by Sendy Thelusma |
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Brightest smile

As the tears fall from my eyes 
The tears of joy as the mornings goes on 
The sunshines comes brights 
If i could just lay down & be with you all night also 
one day if you can take all the pain away and 
would love to see the smile in your face