Love Poems About Sunsets or Sunsets Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Painting Love

How many images can I paint more
than I’ve already done? Like nights moon-lit
or meadow-dancing? You - whom I adore -
in every love scene - you’re the star of it. 
The many colors! Oh, each brilliant hue.
I splashed them giddily when we shared bliss.
I’ve given sunsets, snow and spring to you -
Sweet passion’s words for you, Dear, and a kiss
I’ve always left down on the corner of
each canvas in our life, for there’s no me
without you, and there’s nothing but our love
to get us through, and sometimes tragedy
I’ve painted too – deep ocean’s blue – yet still,
I’ll paint you always lovely with my quill.

Oct. 16, 2020

For 2022 Poetry Marathon Mile 9 Poetry Contest

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: lost, muse, writing,

The Poems I Never Wrote

These are the roads I didn't take
A pause too soon, a turn too late
Lost in the love I never spoke
The poems I never wrote

Gone are the moons I didn't chase
The sun-bloomed wind I didn't taste
The skylines I left incomplete
The stars I didn't seek

Muted are songs which may have brought
A silent music to my thoughts
Fading traces in dim sunsets
Autumns I never kept

Verses yet rise through foggy climes
Reveries of forgotten rhymes
If fractured light once more takes flight
I still have poems to write


by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: beautiful,

Sunsets In the Blues

.He walked in silence to the corner of my heart He lit a candle~ fire in a room once damp and dark His words were gently spoken His love was loud and clear His arms were unexpected A fearless Chevalier My strength was getting weaker My pulse~rate running low He sheltered my emotions and fortified his soul He helped me win the battle against solitude's blade His kiss bestowed upon me His palm upon my faith A faith of a new promise on paths of pastel hues Of jasmine scents and marigolds Of Sunsets in the blues.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Hideaway Nights

A drop of lonely  floats 
into a never ending kiss 
lost folded notes   play 
out in a rewind of time 

Shifting spells the chorus 
foreign answers ring 
-- an empty chair 
rocking through my mind 

Lay down your symphony 
where harmony rests a head 
pull back the covers slowly 
let me listen to what is said 

Colour wraps in soulful pace 
mellow light   dances free 
belief  waits for the butterfly 
as with truth   sunsets will be

by Silent One |
Categories: heaven, love,

When I'm gone

Meet in Eden's garden, where life first gave birth. A beautiful paradise, pure and serene. Amidst verdant petals, not seen on this Earth, flowing in rainbow hues on lush lawns of green. Like Adam and Eve, we'll roam in jasmine air, adrift in nature's splendour without a care. Sing lullabies with angels, as we hold hands. Watch fluorescent sunsets in eternal lands.

by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: fruit, imagery, lost love, metaphor,

Sweet Citrus

I kissed July's hot tangerine lips
swam in cool aquamarine eyes
basked in blond and honey rays
dreamed in mango pomegranate sunsets 
of lime hillsides and marmalade roses
Years of sweet citrus passed in golden hours

One day I woke
to find translucent eyes 
in burnt sienna
as trees wept leaves
in burgundy and olive
Soon the eyes
were frozen in powder
Ashen shadows blew
across barren groves
of spindled spruce
and howled 
with December's lonely moon
But from my fire lit window
I hold fast to memories
of daffodils and oranges
mingled with the burn
of lemon tears


by Daniel Turner |
Categories: love, nature,

No Gold Nor Silver

No gold nor silver, weights my needy purse
Spun silk and finery I have no need
Such poverty of wealth be not God's curse
For bless'd the man who covets not for greed

My wealth is in the lilies of the field
The colors of the sunsets thrill my soul
Fruit trees and animals provide their yield
And stewardship to nature is my toll

But verdant forests do not warm a bed
The moon and stars, though friends, are silent stones
And lonely is the footpath which I tread
For one true heart, I'd share my pauper's throne

A golden heart and pauper's paradise
For love and happiness, a humble price

  Daniel Turner

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: life, love, wife

You Are

YOU are the Heaven of my Soul
The Life of my beating Heart
Every Thought and Dream in my Mind
My Strength, to continue on

YOUR Eyes are my Twilights’ beacon
YOUR voice the Hymn, humming in my ears
YOUR Silken skin and Auburn Hair
The Pillow of my Dreams

YOU are the Emotion in my POETRY
YOU are the Beauty I see in the Sunsets
YOU are the Flame, always keeping me Warm
YOU are the Brilliant Light on my Path to Heaven

Inspired by Matt Caliri’s Contest “I LOVE YOU Because…”
Dedicated in LOVING Memory of My Wife : L E N O R E

by Varise Duxbury |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, uplifting,


Evening smiles at lovers 
Whispering sentiments
Above the sparking
Waters of Venice.

	I long for you..

Cathedrals recall
Clandestine kisses,
Moments spent lingering
Underneath its entwined castles.

	If you wait...

Amber leaves swirl
Leaving vivid afternoons
Alive with romance and 
Warm laughter. 

	..Someday, I will come 

Passionate sunsets 
Illuminate a thousand 
As the rarest jewels. 

	To tell you that...

Slow dancing in the
A promise 

	--I love you.


by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: death of a friend,


Back home, I ponder long on life.
Death is so final, no return.

I sit alone on my sheltered cosy porch,
And think of spring forget-me-nots,
Of roses dark as festive damask,
And swaying poppies red and gold.

Of summer figs and yellow gourds,
Of sweet delicious melons,
And mouth-watering peaches
Syrupy and luscious and juicy,
While sunsets turned to red
And moons shone on my love.

So I will not bid her goodbye.
Others may wail, lament and cry.
I shall live on, unattended
And relive the happy endless days,
The haunting lullabies of my love.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: age, analogy, appreciation, change, death, family,

Expired Embers

Written: September 12, 2023 _______________________________________________________________ Sunsets Paint the Sky Embracing flames of loved ones~ Memories aglow. Shared dawning vibrant Now distant, yet remembered~ Love never fades out Sultry afternoons, zest height turns to modest warmth~ Winter's smooth embrace Awaiting midnight Living among sunsets' glow~ Embrace memories

by Heather Ober |
Categories: life, loss, solitude, sorrow,


How many suns have I seen?
I hope I see thousands more.

But I don't want to lie awake,
begging for sleep, for puzzle-piece dreams,
crossed wires beneath my skin.
They spark and spasm down my side.
The tingling hurts, the cold converts
the numbness into pain.

I need more time to write, to rhyme.
I need more time to love.
I need more time to watch the sea
while sunsets bleed 
and rain clouds weep
upon me from above.

Where's my unchained melody?
Where's my time to shine?
Don't cheat me out of time with him,
Don't rip me from his side.

Have you ever tasted metallic fear?
It feels heavy on my tongue.
I crave today 
as I hear them say:

But, how...? She's so young.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

A Love Sonnet

To be in love is when the heart is free
To kiss warm lips with a passion tender
This bond so soft upon the heart's decree
Through sunsets we lay beneath its splendor
Shall passage of years be forever still
To wrap each finger with a lover's hand
As we share a gentle cup both will fill
The years will come and go at our command
We'll find the farthest edges of our dreams
With sighs and tears we find along the way
And answer every need our love redeems
To wrap our bodies tight when asked to stay

To be in love with your lover's heart
And travel through days never apart

contest Best Love Poem 
received HM

by Daniel Cheeseman |
Categories: lovelove, me, sensual,


Be my moon and be my night
Be the arms that hold me tight
Be the dawn that sings to me
Be my love, and forever be

Be the dew at sunsets dip
Be the touch of sensual lip
Be the beating of my heart
Be my love and never part

Be my sun and be my sky
Be my skylark singing high
Be my ocean and be my sea
Be my love and join with me

Be the pillow that I may lie
Be the clouds for us to fly
Be my wings, lift me higher
Be my love and dreams aspire

Be my life, be eternity
Be my love, just be with me

by John Lawless |
Categories: lost, love, spring,

Spring - You Sly Fox

Would that love’s touch return on the morrow
ease the coldness of such separation
soft kisses adrift on sunsets aglow
reflect the light of iced desperation.

Temptress or tyrant - lover’s decision
hot tempered vixen – cool, distant player
love in the distance - lust in rescission
hornswoggled by smooth, fast talking soothsayer.

Spring, you sly fox, you two timing cheat
melting the frozen, fueling sun’s blaze
announcing the offspring before lover’s meet         
writing love letters in wordless essays.

Sadly the lovers cannot comprehend
Spring’s but a means – to a flowering end.


Submitted to – Spring Is In The Air – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Emile Pinet

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: art, love, romance,

Colors of My Brush

Blue for the eyes that loved my calm sky,
green for the soft grass we slept on,
white for the lilies we picked,
yellow for small daises,
purple for sunsets,
red for wild lips,
pink for skin,
rose for

Copyright 2014 (c ) by Andrew Crisci

by Frederic Parker |
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Love Letter Ii

Oh Aphrodite, Goddess of love
For you, my heart yearns for Olympus on high
As my lover's eyes scan sunsets above
They pour love into the birth of a sigh
I'll follow the course of a lover's stream
To argue with Zeus over what is a sin
As we leave Olympus with love and a dream
Love will cause us to be mortal again
To make love's diamond from blackest coal
And scorch landscapes with smoldering desire
Yet, be the flames burning out of control
With mortal hands, we'll light the raging fire
Oh Aphrodite, Goddess of love
My heart will steal you from Olympus above

3/23/18 contest Love Letter II

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, beautiful, creation, desire, love, passion, romantic,

Shall I Twice Pluck Thy Soft, Sweet Fruit

Shall I Twice Pluck Thy Soft, Sweet Fruit

Should I court thee as moth to flame
sky to its wondrous blue?
Some say, love is but a fool's game
Aye, we both know untrue.

Shall I twice pluck thy soft, sweet fruit
be it with soft touch?
In such, will our love take firm root
or presume I too much?

In thy heart's beating my heart trails
begging once more thy hand.
We seek love and all it entails
life's dance, its greatest band.

Shall we find vermilion sunsets?
Hold Love's all and all it begets?

Robert J. Lindley, 
Nov. 17th, 2002
Sonnet (86) (100)
Words (88)

Syllables Per Line: 8 6 8 6 0 8 6 8 6 0 8 6 8 6 0 8 8
Total # Syllables: 100
Total # Words: 88

by Edwin Hofert |
Categories: absence, analogy, cheer up, devotion, inspiration, poetry,

Poetry Soup

Poetry Soup

If I took all the friends I've known
and put them in one group.
I have to share they can't compare
to friends at Poetry soup.

Through life and love and tragedy
I knew right from the start.
In the poems that we love to write
we all share just one heart.

From sunsets over mountains
and sunrise on the sea.
I could write forever
and miss what you mean to me.

As each we bare our heart and soul
and pen so many things.
Each word like one more feather
creating angels wings.

With a heart so filled with gratitude
in spite of all that we've been through.
The best that I have ever known
when I found understanding you.

Edwin C Hofert

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Taste of Innocence

Buttoned-up sunshine silhouette
draped in early evening fantasy
captured in aromatic ecstasy

let me 

d    e
 o     a
  w     s
    n     y 

let me 
in your 

b r
     e e
          z e

Drips of cinnamon touch
the true taste of innocence 
and her lips melt atop
burning gasoline jet streams


across the sheets of time
with the corners holding me still
sunsets wink good night

by Ibohal Kshetrimayum |
Categories: allusion, animal, appreciation, april, art, assonance, autumn,

About You

'When did you wake up?' You once asked.

The blind laughed in my heart, and
I fell in love.
A dream escaped, but your hairs
Darkened its path.

When we make love
I hear a sea roaring in your curls, and
Feel an animal on your skin.
In the needles of rain, eyes are missing,
And a burning river rushes out of your crevice.

While a cuckoo cries for moon drops,
Dawn comes with a yawn,
And the coconut tree bends to comb
Your disheveled clouds while I
Search for my succumbed heart
In crumpled pillows.

I see you flying away,
And I drink mountains from a bottle
Of sunsets, thinking about you
Until I hear the moon
Moaning for a window.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: celebration, love,

The Grace of Love

Nothing will abide with love's world but you
Time moves faster when the heart has a face
No hesitation from yearning will do
When a heart invites love's river of grace
And finds no end in its bright-colored banks
Where flowers grow and songbirds glide above
While eyes scan red threaded sunsets with thanks
A scene to be drawn when the heart's in love
And welcomes the soul's flame to burn brighter
As two will follow the course of love's stream
That causes their duel strides to feel lighter
The world has changed to a glorious gleam
To find this precious love will fill the heart
Reason enough, before life can depart


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: autumn, romance, sun, time,

Precious Moments - October Sun

A friend who warms the earth
   though unlike Spring, when she gives birth
to blooms and blossoms, on hill, in vale
   October sun's yellow's a shade of pale

She parts the clouds with yet-piercing rays
   but does not linger long these days
Waits 'til coffee's finished to rise
   Then zooms across the chilly skies

And ere she goes down, she dips too fast
   for her memorable sunsets to last
Those precious moments, of brilliant hue
   when couples whisper, "I love you"

            October 24, 2019
     OCTOBER SUN Poetry Contest
          Sponsor: Line Gauthier

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: lifered, red,

Red Is My Color

The color of my hair,
is reddish blonde,
some people say,
blonds have more fun.

I wouldn't know,
for this is not me,
the red is to obvious,
like my rosy red cheeks.

Everything I wear,
has red somewhere,
maybe the buttons,
or a ribbon placed with care.

I love the sunsets,
with their reddish glow,
I blend right in,
from head to toe.

The flower of my choice,
I guess you know by now,
yes, the red, red roses,
when spring comes around.

When I die,
and I rest in peace,
my silky red pajamas,
will cover me.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Stars of Clarity

The stars of clarity have risen in my heart.
To light the flames that burn through the night,
   and steal away the darkness.
That leaves a glow around your face,
   where my eyes will dwell forever
as they become liquid from love
and weave a willowy web of wings.
That fly us to the heart of tenderness,
   smothered in passionate dreams.
Where we'll find the sensual kiss is an invitation,
to travel the red and purple sunsets
   of our horizon
Where we'll share the candlelight of desire
   and pluck the stars of clarity,
from the heaven in our souls
Where, as lovers we'll tend the fires of eternity,
   until our last breath