Love Poems About Sunning or Sunning Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: best friend, cat, devotion, grief, loss, love,

My Lily Cat

My Lily Cat

I miss my dear loving kitty,
You died so young, what a pitty!

I loved to stroke your softest fur, 
To watch you play and hear you purr.

You gave such joy, though unaware
How your sweet spirit helped me bear

The many burdens on my mind,
You shared your loyal love so kind.

Your picture sits upon my shelf
Behind the glass, sunning yourself.

I cried for two months when you left,
Inconsolable and bereft.

My feline friend where are you now?
I pray you'll be reborn somehow.


Cat Poems Poetry Contest
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by Mike Samford |
Categories: family, life,

End of Lineage

Their will be none to follow after
my footsteps tramped in the wheat,
no surname left to hear the laughter
no eye to see, no heart to beat.

Time will never stop its running
with sun and moon and touch of heat
like old stones lie in their sunning
not caring for the strong or weak.

By the drought or in the flood
storms of winter's wind-full passing
flowers of May and October’s mud
will matter to only lineages lasting.

Neither a hair nor drop of blood 
not shade of eye or crest of bone.
Of myself I leave only love
and not my name to carry on.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: loneliness, longing, love, love hurts, romance, romantic love, wisdom,

Its Own Chosen Parts

Sort of like
stubbing one's toe,
if you dare to love
a bruise can form~
a deep rosy shadow
in response to your
amorous sunning – 

love burns
both inside
and out

take lots of lotion
if you have such notion

exposing the heart to elements
like, who can really predict the 
weather, an educated guess
at best?

so, who can predict 
whether with love one is
or not to be blessed? 
Though God, the starter 
and stopper of human
hearts – when it comes to
romance, in the theater of
love~ pray, as you may
but Love seems to insist
on writing and performing
only its own chosen parts....

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: women,

Hippy Woman

Hippy woman, born twenty-five years later, and yet, here you are.
A throwback from the seventies, a free spirited, sassy shining star.
In the winter, you bring the sun, and you light the world too.
On your deck this morning, you have rid the world of all her blue.

Hippy woman, with your beautiful hair and your amazing smile.
I love it that I can watch you wandering around, you have such style!
On your balcony, sunning yourself, unaware that we are watching you.
Neighbors love seeing you in the morning; you take away our blue.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love,

Is Love Our Sconce

Is love our sconce, dispersing joy No animal cunning Are we immune to ego’s ploy In bliss mists, soul sunning Negate ego’s posit Love has no opposite Head and heart composite What’s our response Is love our sconce 05-February-2022 Quietus