Love Poems About Sunlights or Sunlights Love Poems
by Abhishek Kumar |
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You came in my life 
Like a moon in an empty sky 

You took me pass 
Through the obstacles in my path 

You brightened the room of my heart
Which was wrapped in the dark

You brought a smile on my face
Something I wasn't familiar with

Your voice was like an angles laugh
That made me forget my frozen part

You made me alive
When I lived a dead man's life

We laughed for minutes and hours
We reveled for days and months

But now I'm sitting alone
In the sunlights rain

by Amber Tomengo |
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Beautiful as the sunlights ray
like the smooth waves on an ocean bay
Prancing, dancing
Romancing, enchanting;
Hot as fire, cold as ice,
sometimes violent, mostly nice
Joyful flirts,
pain and hurt,
Secrets, regrets
Reset, and forget.

by Linda Terrell |
Categories: life, love, sea, seasons

Winter Blues

Cold winds blow'n
icesickles form'n
patterns in the snow.
Upon it sunlights glow
warmly cuddled closely
loves mostly
listening quietly
while sun shines brightly
Whispering winds
telling of lies, all kinds
tantalizingly hiding
amidst those riding
upon the winter blues
when i'm a silly schmooze

Linda Terrell
December 2, 2009

by Hope Ballard |
Categories: loveheart, heart,

Sunlit Love

The sunlights up your face,
That can't help but make my heart race. 
The more i look,
I feel i can't look away.
Faster and faster,
My heart wont stop.
What can i say,
I must be caught.

by Jennifer Pominville |
Categories: imagination, love, nature,


Imagine if you could fly
Above the trees, above the sky
Giving life to everything
While you hear the blue jays sing
Imagine if you could dream
and see the sunlights golden beam
And in the wake, to find a King
Dressed all in gorgeous things
Just Imagine