Love Poems About Sunken or Sunken Love Poems
by Buhagiar Victor |
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In a Sunken Garden

In the sunken garden of love, Pure water is conserved. For-get-me-nots grow from above. Fragrant roses are served. Love will make our scent sing, Birds fly and thrill with zing, I feel i am a king. Time up says the warden, In the sunken garden. Quietus

by Susan Ashley |
Categories: death, emotions, grief, heartbreak, loss, sad love,


I beseech the shards of my shattered self,
as recollections collect with a jagged edge,
for a softened reflection of a dream in smithereens
to sheath this sunken cheeked shadow
lost in the mirrored fragments 
of hollow-eyed tears.

Susan Ashley
February 12, 2019

~ Sixth Place ~
Premiere Contest: May 2019 Premier 4  (Max 14 Lines)
Sponsor: Brian Strand

~ Fifth Place ~
Contest: Capture That Emotion
Sponsor: Nina Parmenter

by Phyllis Babcock |
Categories: lost love, relationship,

Sunken Treasures

He speaks of sunken treasure
Draws maps to fortunes you may find
He writes it boldly as to where it may lie
Taking pleasures in his masculine pride
A gentleman cultivated in artistry
Loving lavishly he knowingly struts
Boosting his flirtatious ego
His moves, planned, calculated
To arise primal pumping blood
Eyes that manipulate and conspire
Until your dreams become endless desire
He breathes a burning fire
Embers embedded within
Unsuspected  your caught within his grasp
Words uttered to ensnare
He persuades you in a game of trust
Leads you into passion and lust
Making you believe in sunken treasures


thanks to PD for the inspiration to write this poem.

by Sara Wernick |
Categories: dark, deep, depression, desire,

Sunken Silhouette

Oh my dear, I do see your silhouette;
Sad as it seems your tears steadily drip,
crashing to the floor but oh so quiet.
My love, I do fret I cannot quite rip this

puppeteer of pure pain behind your eyes.
“Come closer my love,” but she stood quite still.
Though the tears become puddles as she cries,
the dark fears cannot break desire’s will.

Oh how her shadow now fades glowingly,
broken promises pry pleasure from pain.
She smiles finally and, knowingly
in her eyes no more tears; her sky no rain,
for she’s found solace in realizing
the grace of having a heart still beating.

by David Paquin |
Categories: friendship, life, love, mirror, universe,


Weaving the fabric of a sunken universe
Gliding the winds of a bottomless curse
Little spider, hanging in my head
Free of the wings that really are chains

Forging a mirror that never shatters
A mirror that does not exist
Little spider, aching in my head
Blind and deaf, drowned in ecstacy

Crawling in the pain of bliss
Seeking the sweets of sickness
Little spider, dying in my head
Torn from itself, immune to embrace

"At least, be humane", so that's what they said
Hold on to your pain, for it is your cocaine
Little spider, growing in my head
Here is the world, cradle of the dead

by Robert Gruhn |
Categories: poetry, wisdom, word play, writing,

Like Sea Sick Sailors

Rowing from sunken hell
Back to forgotten lands
Legs unready for earth
Slamming genius poetic art

So go tiny minds
Lost in central thought
Unaware of truth's reality
Making love to mirror

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

by Charlene Mccutcheon |
Categories: beach, childhood, family, grandfather, joy, love, ocean,

Bucket Full of Love

In his damp, snail smelly, back yard, water boiled in a vat.
"Hurry honey", said Grandpa, "the tide has just gone out".
In my six year old mind, we were in for a "great big treat".
Willingly, I'd fill my bucket full with sand crabs we'd all eat.

Overcast dark sky and dank fishy cold wind didn't dampen
spirits while scanning wet sand for holes that were sunken.
Intently digging, then oh so thrilled, I yelled,"I found one!" 
Clunk! Into my little tin sand bucket it fell; one prize won. 

Sadly looking, seagulls mocking, I'd managed only eight.
Grandpa smiled, dumped them in the vat with, "GREAT"!

by Red Fiery |
Categories: depression,

Incurable Insomnia

will  tell you,,why I dont sleep

 but  this  will only make me weep


the  sunken pride of my eyes

 all the dreams that I visualize,,


in my naked heart !

 the engine over here doesnt start !


i creep and crawl in the staircase

 and think of my pure golden days


i  am a patient of this incurable disease

 sucking my blood like a deadly leech


with this heavy and powerful Tryptomer 25gm

 I am still awake till 5.00 am !


No longer do I pray for the sunlight !

 i  love to walk in the moonlight !………..

by Red Fiery |
Categories: depression, winter, love, winter,

It Was Winter

It never rained ,they were my tears;
                 the sunken secrets
    behind my dazzling deep eyes !
              It was winter and we were lovers
    its winter again and my love is frozen
              my heart is hoarse and insane,
     A ruined love  song rings through my ears.
            accursed emotions breaking into tears
      my lips are bleeding with your kisses
             a venomous love releases
                   a sad winter's tale :(

Red @ 2012 3.30 am singapore...

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: love, marriage,

Engagement Encounter

Sunken in green
"Yawk!" "Yawk!" the cawing sounds.
Trunks, branches, twigs slope 
and bend upward, as we bend towards each other,
Our common causes, showering out of us,
Drenched in the noise of the wood.
I'm returning to you now.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny, love,

Girl of My Dreams

Been searching high, been searching low For a gal I could spend my life with Found one but she's got a pimply bum And real bad breath, take a whiff! She's no dreamboat, sunken ship perhaps She walks with a limp and she stutters I've just got no luck, in a quandary I'm stuck Soon be old and decrepit, and I mutter Maybe it's me that might be the problem No Adonis though at one time I thought so Just coz I dribble and spit in the street Down inside I'm really quite sweet though! Surely there's a chance that I'll find her soon They say there's a mate for all lovers I'm sure she's out there, a gal I'd be proud of Not one that has wings and can hover! © Jack Ellison 2012

by Malyasree Biswas |
Categories: lost love, betrayal, time,


Words swam before my eyes
You never returned my calls or answered Why,
Thought of all the promises that have turned to be lies
Didn’t get time to say our byes
No matter my hurt, didn’t want you to hear my cries
The sunken cheeks, teary eyes and the sighs
Are all signs of how deep the wounds lie
Even in my dreams never would I have seen your vice
When friends have turned out to be spies
There is little they deserve than utter despise
Your betrayal caused my trust and faith to slowly die 
The scars you inflicted will heal as time flies
Try as I might to console my mind
The empty nest reminds me of the greatest folly of my life.

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: courage,

Inner Nemesis

Intrigued by the beauty of bewildering sorrow

Never far away from their own contradictions

Nebulous ghosts sound a fog horn of doubt

Encased in confabulation the truth lies raw

Revered by transgressions and translucent pain

Nirvana beckons at the core of sunken Atlantis

Equates archetypal enigmas plying for due fare

Mother Gaia unveils blindfolds of honesty

Essential tears dissolve trances of transience 

Serenity shouts for decision virtue and love

Intimate foes take the battle to interior shores

Sisyphus ties his buoy to an anchour of hope

02 February 2020

by Michael Amitin |
Categories: allegory, conflict, corruption, heartbroken, love,

Boatman's Elegy

her hand cold with the death of romance
obligatory touch
we watched it erode like a mountain chipped away by cheap winds 
irretrievably sad
but still the flowers roll out, the cards keep coming
the quick peck kisses and morning goodbyes
the syringe shooting shared history into nostalgic veins

as dark radio rains throw branches against our chopin windowpanes

forever stuck in this merry mad dog affair
nightfall- sleep cascades death valley summer selling brooklyn bridge coffins that could fill mystery oceans in the space that lay between us
in this long forgotten sunken ship bed

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: analogy, fire, heart, imagery, love, metaphor, smile,

The Fire Is Gone

Where a fire once burned
nothing is left but spiraling smoke
and charred memories fading
with the waning of the frighten heat
chasing after the thinning smoke.

The singed lips of my heart---blistered
with the watered pain of lost love
feverously struggle to utter the asinine
question:  Why?
Knowing very well the fool’s answer:
If you play with fire, you’ll get burned!

Shivering from the dept I have sunken---
diving into the black hole of mind, I search
the darkness of vanity to forgive myself
for failing to gather the kindling.

by Debra Squyres |
Categories: hope, love,

And So I Dream of You

I want to stroll with you
 along the twisting paths where the 
 canopy of limbs bare shade
 Hands held softly

I want to sit with you
 under the old cypress tree where the
 limb bends a sunken seat
 Hands held tenderly

I want to talk with you
 of our souls melding force where the 
 breeze only hears our voice
 Hands held confidently

I want to dance with you
 in the eve of our days where the
 golden years sashay by
 Hands held joyfully

And so I dream…….of you

By: Debra Squyres 3/8/2012

by Melanie Tan |
Categories: lost love,

Shattered Heart

Shattered heart,
Veins apart,
Shattered heart,
Is just a start...

Trust of yolk has been taken away,
All hypes and vibes been shaken astray,
The emptiness of hate still won't go away,
Sunken cries goes on with betray.

Shattered heart oh shattered heart!
Thou your pieces is still at bay,
But mighty Healer,the great dart,
Will wash away the pain at hay!

Shattered heart,
Pain at start,
Shattered heart,
Rejoice at last...

by Brian Faulkner |
Categories: hope

When Self-Pity Dies

In every country and city
There are those who dwell in self-pity,
Wailing and moaning, railing and groaning,
And hoping that someone sees
Their senseless miseries.

I tell them,
Step off from the sad and the bad,
Step back from the sunken gloom;
Let nothing defeat your dream,
You're better than you seem.

Give Joy a chance to dance,
Give Love a new romance,
But mostly give to you
The strength to see things through.

Don't depend on another,
Be your own great big brother;
Stand up, stand unafraid,
And you will make the grade.

For when self-pity dies
Self-enjoyment flies.

by Phoenix Szentesi |
Categories: cute love, funny love, love,

Trust Me Baby This Is Love

One beautiful night you were standing there
On the other side of the dark pathway
I started to go over do I dare? 
I try to think of words to maybe say 

The moonlight makes your black hair look frozen 
Wait no! What type of shocking line is that?
With the lack of light your eyes look sunken
I should just go and slink off as a cat!

He turned his head finding my nervous gaze 
Gave me a smile I could barely see  
Making my silly heartbeat start to raise
I returned his smile to show my glee

He said would it be wrong my little white dove
If I said trust me baby this is love


by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: abuse, bullying, freedom, joy,

Why Trauma Bond

Why trauma bond with sunken souls Wish them love and move on Fiendish are ways of lowly ghouls Why be object of scorn We must love ourselves first In freedom, unrehearsed Joyous, in a bliss burst Frog in a pond Why trauma bond 21-May-2022 Quietus

by Bozhidar Pangelov |
Categories: lost love,


I do not expect you.
Sunken hours.
And the streets are rocking like slow guards.
I do not expect you.
The thought is sufficient. And long one …
For a Sunday.

A dream 
are dreaming
the birch’s

by Patrick Utitufon |
Categories: cute love,

To My Most Magnificent Lady, Oluwapemi, Her Dimples

On her rosy cheeks
they jiggle gently, and tend to
unmask the veiled serendipity
in her adamant heart...
While her puzzled mind 
readily betrays the grimace
her blackrimmed eyes,
lustrous like twin stars had faked.
Deeper they wriggle on both sides
and blend into her sunken hollow
as her head sways
as if to rekindle the expressions
on her delicate face.

by Red Fiery |
Categories: deep, destiny, emotions, fantasy,

How Do I Love Thee

How do I love thee?
For my hands are blood splattered 
My scars are deeply battered 
How do I love thee? 
With sunken tears in my eyes,
the Unrequited love- lost in paradise.
How do I love thee ? 
for  my lips are intoxicated with desire      
lust has fed my soul with fire
how do I love thee ? 
when there is no love in my heart 
candid emotions expressed through my art
Tell me 
How do I love thee?

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: betrayal,

When Words Stay Silent

When words stay silent

When thoughts get shrunken,
words remain silent,
When eye are sunken,
the tears gone dry,

When heart burns in betrayal,
love that dear denies,
When beats regress in depression,
passion pays a price,

The whole world comes collapsing,
no weapons, no fight,
Walking as a mere corpse,
the soul loses its might,

Nothing be done, Nowhere to go, 
memories burden the mind,
Darkness, once aglow,
pretends to be kind,

Feel those skies calling
as morning sparrow chirp,
Wings of eternity,
may in time unwind.

Written Oct 3rd, 2016
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma

by Joe Geraci |
Categories: angst, life, love,

Wild Beasts At Play

where shadows devour twilight
there are wild beasts at play
they dwell in their aphotic world
and we are two of the same

Your eyes, their amber burn
with embers heavy like the stars
bear weight to rest upon my feeble heart

what a burden

and what a burden
to have a taste
for it to be ripped away like the light of day

while by natures chords
the sky is spun like a cosmic gyre
your allure emanates pain like a wild fire

your cries howl the night
your hide as black as it's affliction
our dark sunken minds
we are wild beasts at play