Love Poems About Sunflower or Sunflower Love Poems
by Ink Empress |
Categories: deep, desire, i love you, i miss you,

Sunflower Serenade

I’m singing honey-
rinsed sunflower serenades
twirling with corn rays…
and I’ll waltz through every fall…
to embrace his saffron warmth

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings, love, moon,

Magic Star

You're the angel dust 
sparkling silver stars wishing away
Sprinkling magic in misted gems 
dazzling pure trails 

White as the driven snow 
falling within a beauties vision 
Rising wishes blowing whispers 
upon a breeze silently touching 

Smiling golden gleams ivory
candy to one's eyes colors rainbows
Chocolate sleeping warm melting
tender soft satin feelings

Sweet velvet talking honey
sunshine emotions, beam rays 
Golden dew of a rose drop
upon sunflower petals smile 

Regal in light of day 
I pray in darkness of night 
you sleep well watched over by angels 
Held in the warm light of love

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: dream, imagery, love,


Love comes early in the morning
we watch the sun rise
a light yellow yolk
walking with red legs across the sky...
Hurrying from her car
we are just two lovers
locking hands in excitement
walking upon flower deep fields...
Her dress indigo with a sunflower
an art nouveau flower
song birds in the Magnolia
an ocean breeze fills our sails...
We had been up all night
waiting for the moon
to kiss the morning star
and the sun to rise like an Emperor..
Morning sky fills with saffron
orange, crimson with the blaze of Venus
reminding us of the absolute and the infinite
and the exaltation of new love..

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poetry,


Happily, she sways, 
Seeking gods praise,
Warmth from his blaze,
Inferno of heat,
Golden rays shine,
Her energy and strength,
Reaches high,
Winning her prize,
Yellow sunflower,
Huge petals, bathe
Celebrating her love,
Searching for light
Lifting spirits,
Cheerful and bright
What a beautiful sight
Standing so tall,
Rejoicing choir joins in,
Worship begins.		


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

My Summer Love

My sunshine in the morning wakens me
with eyes that twinkle mischief and delight.
My sunflower whose gaze I love to see
is he – my summer love – from morn to night!

I'm his honeybee, and he's my daisy.
He’s the sweetest sweet pea of early June!
A snapdragon, he can make me crazy.
But when he is the reddest rose, I swoon!

His dulcet voice, like the song of blue birds,
is also like the the breeze of summer skies
when days are fair. I love to to hear the words
he whispers as he watches me with eyes
like sun-lit oceans. My dear marigold!
Forever his, my heart he’ll ever hold.

May 17, 2021
for John Hamilton's 
Summer Love Sonnet Poetry Contest

by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: love

Like The-

Like the moon in the sky at the break of night
Like the trees in the rainforest with its forcefully height
Like the cat in the grass prancing at day
Like the child in school dancing away

Like bee’s on flowers that are terribly bright
Like a sunflower leaning towards the light
Like the love bird and there morning song
You and I just belong.

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beauty, color, green, joy, nature,

I Love, Love, Lovely

so doubly golden
a sunflower field of sun
beauty waits for me

colorful splendor
abstract paintings draw the eye
to that other world

dazzling bird green trees
to all sings of dawn glory
and takes to blue skies

mountains in the clouds
mostly lost in mystery
before orange sun

by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, earth, love, nature,

The Soul of Nature

A hint of zest cuts the crisp country air
granting the sunflower a morning kiss
intoxicating, as my very breath held tight
savoring a special springtime song
with a choir of angels humming along

A soft ray of sun winks behind the white
caressing the heart of the glistening dew
enticing the day to come alive
the fields dance as a warm wind blows
and in harmony, love is found in her soul

by Sudipto Nag |
Categories: peace,


Your hand is lying over the table.
An aura of innocence over your head
sparkling like a blooming sunflower.
You haven’t slept for million years.
All the hot blooded complainers and
Cruel smiles are hovering in the air. 
Calm like a tomb you are smiling and
dreaming about an unreal dream of love.
Don’t open your eyes before you travel
back and discover the weeping meadow.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: spring,

It Is Spring

When days grow longer, you know it is spring The sun warms the earth's soil, whoa! it's spring. Shades of tender green appear, warm sun's here Barefoot, run out, stump your toe, lively spring. Colored blooms show in the woods, love floats round Maidens slip and kiss their beau, that is spring. Little boys throw baseballs fast, run at last Coats disappear, red cheeks glow, joy in spring. Sunflower plants zinnia seeds, soon they show Awesome renewals bestow, lovely spring.

by Atef Ayadi |
Categories: art, love, passion, philosophy,

Elle Et La Vie

She Walks
The sun, 

Like a sunflower.

by Ryan Vandenbosch |
Categories: beautiful, butterfly, heart, inspirational love, love, muse, soulmate,

Twin Flame

You always know the words to say
To keep my mind at ease
Yet still patiently, be left at bay

You are the muse to these words
You inspire, if I may
Say you leave me capsized
With so many images left to portray

You comprehend me
Deciphering the riddles of my mind
You never lead my heart astray
Nor leave me to wonder
If you'd ever turn my blue sky grey

Your my partner in crime
My best friend
Your my favorite Venus
Every last beautiful romantic image
My heart could ever attempt to convey

Your my twin flame
My butterfly
The sunflower that starts my day
You are the motivation
The cultivation
Of true love, I've yearned to say

by Kate Sparks |
Categories: bereavement, blue, boy, childhood, death, dedication, flower, imagery, love, memory, mother son, remember, seasons, son,

Memories of Spring

After the lilacs have gone by,
before golden flowers bloom
we will walk through meadows
soft and blue 
and feast on bread with honey 
stolen from autumn bees 
still drunk in love with sunflowers.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before red poppies dance,
as we wake in meadows
soft with dew
you will kiss my honeyed lips
and we will walk through springs
still drunk in love with bluebells.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before brown leaves of autumn
as we remember meadows
green and new
sweet dreams will flow like honey
from a sunflower child 
with eyes the shade of bluebells

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: love,

Lovely Sunflower

Lovely Sunflower 
Oh yea! Should we meet in Thai?
Land of pure islands

by Anna Wright |
Categories: cute love, flower, happiness, heart, love, rose, sweet, word play,


A rose for all the daffodils
In rows by our new house

A flower for everything you bake
(I’ll cherish everything you make)
((And kiss the flour from your nose))

An orchid for the empty rooms
Which dog –or kid- will fill

A sunflower for the happy days,
Our son picking flowers up the hill

A daisy for my love for you
Beyond the day you can’t see

A tulip for when I’m holding you
Lip-to-lip, together for eternity

(Wrote this when I was fourteen. See the play on words? Like tulip and to-lip? Isn't it cute? :) )

by Jan Allison |
Categories: flower, garden,

Giant Golden Sunflower

I sprouted from a small seed planted firmly in the ground With refreshing drinks of water my size it can confound! My long legs must be supported, or I could stoop and bend I love being out of doors where the sun is my best friend! I’m a great sun worshipper and my face follows the sun I tower over small plants, being tall is so much fun I tan my face on sunny days; my seeds turn golden brown Small children just look up at me, and hope my seeds drop down! Personification of plant contest Sponsored by Kim Rodrigues 14 Syllables per line checked with how many syllalbes 09-18-17

by Mercury Anderson |
Categories: beauty, best friend, crush, flower, for her, love, sun,

Sunflower--Another Version

If I am a flower
Let me be a sunflower.
Because you are the sun 
I never want to turn away from.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: allegory, art, imagination, life, love, nature, people, visionary,

Growing Equation

Curled locks hang from head
Sunflower transparency
Comparative growth

by Lovie Divine |
Categories: daughter, leaving, teen,

Sing Little Sunflower


Sing little sunflower sing,
It is the middle of spring

Shine your face to the Son,
Your gifts are a little more than one. 

Your mother is Ebony, your father, white rose.
Doesn't matter what some think, when God truly knows

Our share of sorrows, we shall rightfully own,
The harvest we reap, are from the seeds we have sown.

God’s Love for thee, always meant to be, 
True faith is belief, though you may not see.  

While you’re sailing adrift, please remember your gift
Blessings God will bring, when for Him you sing, 
Just sing.

by Anitha Jayasankar |
Categories: romance,


Stars I gaze, all night - as if in a reverie, 
Under the sky as I stand, yearning to be
Near you and admire the blue-black velvet and
Feel the breath of silence, so serene - to be
Lost in the warmth of a dream-like enchanting moment;
Oceans apart, now, still our souls merge
When the universe in unison tunes a melody, 
Entranced by the lustrous stars in the quiet of the night, 
Reflecting the charm of our love, as I gape at the
Same star you stare at from a distant land. 

Date: 05/26/2021
Submitted for: Sunflower Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Malabika Ray Choudhury

by Poet Shi |
Categories: blessing, boyfriend, cute love, deep, first love,

Our Love

I love you 
and that will
never change.

Even though 
we'll age, not
our love.

From the moment
that I've held you 
in my arms...

I've treasured you,
I've loved you.

What we share
could never die,
I will love you all
my life.

The tenderness of
your kiss, blooms 
like a sunflower in
the sun.

You're my only love.

I wanna grow old
with you, spend
an eternity making 
love to you.

Be your quiet storm,
the one that'll keep 
you warm.

I wanna breathe you,
be your night and day.

Our love will remain,
even in the afterlife...

A continued romance 
that'll last throughout 

Written by: Poet Shi

by Watisungla Ao |
Categories: love, love,

A Song To My Love 2

You are the sunshine of 
my soul,
Morning dew when Iam 
A sunflower on 
unbearable days,
A pine on all seasons,
Evergreen as ever 

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

You are the beacon that 
show me path,
A shepherd when Iam 
A nightingale when Iam 
A lotus in your love,
Innocent as ever.

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

Dedicated to the love of 
my life, YSS.

by Olufemi Oloye |
Categories: analogy, angel, beautiful, boyfriend, cute love, emotions, eulogy,


Rise like the sunflower
Bosom like the pride of Barbados
Shine and sparkle like roses
Adore humanity with your scent like that of chocolate cosmos

Grace my day like gardenia filled with beauty and fragrance
Put on your simplicity like jasmine and Lilly
Never stop to charm me like wisteria 
I cherish you, the rare gem of this age


by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: appreciation, flower, garden, retirement,

Pruning the Roses


Prune Roses here, Prune Roses there,
Dancing in my garden,
With Sweet William and Fred Astaire.

Wallflower there, Gardenia over here,
My Fuchsia’s looking bright,
I’m going to retire this year.

Working on the Rockery,
and making it a Dahlia routine.
The Hydrangea looks wonderful,
Magnolia’s standing supreme.

Perennials in here, Heather over there,
Talking to my Sunflower,
Petunia’s shrug and stare.

Slug pellets there, Slug pellets here,
Touch my French Marigolds,
and its salt on your tail my dear.

Love to spend the day, working in my garden,
Then relax in the evening sun.
Surveying creation all around me,
With a nice Cuppa and a Currant Bun.

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: flower, love, rose, stars, sun, yellow,

Sunflower In Love

Sunny days 
Under the sun and stars
Note our love from afar 
Flowing your yellow petals 
Loving your pink buds 
Our love is growing 
We need to be closer
Ever in love we will be 
Rose my love your sunflower


Date Written:5/19/2021   
Note:2 flowers in love  

2 Place                                                           

Sunflower Poetry Contest                                                                                                                     Sponsored by: Malabika Ray Choudhury