Love Poems About Sundry or Sundry Love Poems
by Chrisdad Kojo Arthur |
Categories: betrayal, hilarious, humanity, hyperbole, relationship, repetition, trust,

Humble Request

Life,if you could be nice to me for a second,
Trust me, I will make you proud
I will grow to become a legend
For even without words, my presence will be so loud

Trust me, I will make you proud
You and I will be respected by all and sundry
For even without words, my presence will be so loud
You, success and I will become one family

You and I will be respected by all and sundry
I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
You, success and I will become one family
Love, joy and happiness  will we share

I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
under one roof we lay
Love, joy and happiness  will we share
So life, please be nice and pave the way.

by Raphael Adegoke |
Categories: africa, women, integrity,

The African Woman

She is so warm and friendly

She is a woman of virtue and great standards

Her beauty cannot be compared with any other

She is innovative, hardworking and industrious

She cares for all and sundry and taking everyone as though they are from her loins

She is so distinctive and attractive in all ramifications

She is a representative of integrity and she upholds righteousness

She gives hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless

The African woman is the desire of those that love life they that place value on integrity

The African woman is a symbol of tenacity, productivity and creativity

I love the African woman.

by David Smalling |
Categories: lost love,

Noto Bene

The light limps homeward
I have sundry thoughts of you
You would miss this too

The swallows calling
From the thatched roof of childhood
No moon rise tonight

Clouds are curtains here
Nor moon, nor joy can cross them
Owls mourn far away

I know you trembled
Not when sea-bound the willow wept
No diamond rot

Beautiful and bright
Are words defining coldness too
Or color of snow

My hostage thought yearns
For pillowed breast and good rest
The frail dream of you

by Estela Canama |
Categories: dream, inspiration, love,

Lovely Garden

Lovely Garden 

In a place of beautiful views,
We were sitting down with a smile
While watching the glorious sunset
Giving us a feeling of bliss!

When a real love between us sprouted
Those flowers around us;
Scented with a real affection
Your guise is quite familiar!

In a lovely garden of lilies,
The sundry banters became colorful.
Life then is meaningful;
When I heard your golden voice

The promise of forever,
The only thing I could remember;
 My heart began to sing joyful melodies,
 And I hope it won't last

 Suddenly the environs,
 Turned serene and lonesome
 Someone beside me is gone
 Then, I realized it was but a dream!

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: lost love

Bird of Sorrow

The morning dove he mourns the morn
With repetitive, lyric song.
His plaintive coo evokes in me
The long, forgotten memories
Of long lost loves and sundry things
That tugs my delicate heartstrings
And iterates through his refrain
Augmenting sorrow with the pain.
I plead with you brown bird of woe
Take away this veil of sorrow;
Fly fast and far on whistling wings
Taking with you the heartbreaking
Reminders of my bygone years:
The painful ones that caused the tears.

by Hima Kalesh |
Categories: love, nature, longing,


Out of the deep meditative trance,
You woke up;
Enlivening all and sundry,
Illuminating all hopes and dreams.

Every dusk you choose for yourself
A world of your own for your muse.
In the hidden chambers of the underworld,
You stay all aloof and detached.

She kept longing for your return,
To divulge all her little buds of secrets,
Caress you and feel your warmth;
To emancipate her from the doomed darkness.

Oh! There you are,
Mighty and strong as ever,
Kissing on her shut eyes,
Awakening her to another colorful day.

by Ebenezer Baiden-Amissah |
Categories: life,

The Patched Road

They sorrow not that tread upon this patched road

They murmur not,complain not

For a heavenly prize

These gallant soldiers await

The joys they see

The tears they hide

They love not sleep

Toiling not in vain for

their faithful Master

Eunuchs some decide to be

Celibates they choose as such

To be identified with

Earthly passions subduing

Fleshly weaknesses suppressing

Fasting often

Praying everyday

The scriptures they study

All and sundry admonishing

Beyond Christ's cross to look

The crown of glory to behold

Upon their heads to be placed

In His coming Kingdom

by Roof Missing |
Categories: love, poetry,

A Pilgrim's Progress

Should Love that's absent redefine
The Love I dream? Let Love that's mine
Bend life more toward a leafy glade 
Where wonderment can find some shade!

What Love means more, a missing kiss
I'm promised (by a sundry miss)
Or (path not taken)'s coolness where
A rising moisture perfumes air.

Please let me pass all ground that shakes,
Give wider berth to land that bakes
And heights where snow lives all year round.
Near daffodils, more souls get found!

Oh, let me hear the speech of trees,
Though I don't grow to reach their knees,
This voice, not join leaves' praise at all -
Bloom poetry before earth's fall!

Long Tooth
June 26th in 2019

by Fungayi Elias Ndhlovu |
Categories: destiny, how i feel, i love you,

Your Time

We've been discounted, Lord,
We've been called nobodies,
We've been shunned, Lord,
By all and sundry.

This is your time, Lord,
To show Your Power,
To lift us up, to restore us.

They said we would never get there,
Just where are they going now!
They said we would never
Make it through,
Just what are they making now!
They said we would never
Be together again,
Are we not together now!

This is your time, Lord,
To show Your Power,
To lift us up, to restore us.

by Eileen R. Kelly |
Categories: passion, me, faith, me,

I Stand Before You

Renounce me not...
denounce me...only with
mine own will...

I stand before you...
therefore I am 
for all in sundry
I shrill...

I come with everything
 I own...

everything that is truly

my courage 
my wisdom
my spirit
my soul

my everlasting love
for one woman I betroth

my belief is strong...

you may find shelter
in my words...

fear me not...
for I will be heard...

prepare thyself

for I lay down my claim...

you will step aside
you will allow me safe passage

for my heart will challenge thee
for my word you can rely...

for I will reach my love
My faith rides with me
this very day

my faith I will not deny...

by Ryan J. Mccabe |
Categories: beauty, confidence, longing, love, myth,

More of Folklore

Oh, lovely daughter of the new country,
How many heroes have left you bereft?
They pay tribute before all and sundry,
But, what good is such due after they've left?
How many little men love and depart?
Is it that they simply desire some song?
I will not play falsely now for your heart,
For you I will roar, roar aloud and strong.
I will brave your Beauty so very True,
Let's win ourselves with a bottle of wine,
Toss me your thread of gold, tie me to you,
Promise me, we two shall ever entwine.
  Yes, my deserted princess 'pon the shore,
  Let us make more of myth, more of folklore.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, flower,



      Flowery flow : Enchanting elegance.
     Flowery fairness with fragrance fantastic
     Flowers grow and glow on Nature-kingdom.
     Playing pretty role in love and romance.
     Broad spectrum : Diversity of flowers
     Beauty of flowers to drive out boredom.
    Charm of sundry colors on competence.
    Some single, some in cluster or florets
    Buds and blossoms in happiness and glee.
     Some spreading sweet soothing scent to solace
     Some in aroma on amorous flow
    Floral wisdom producing seed in spree.    


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Brian Strand  No.1165 Contest
Contest by Brian Strand

by Olatubosun David |
Categories: love, peace,


Look up the sky, 
From this end to the yonder horizon; 
What do you see? 
A vast heaven; 
A limitless heaven; 
Hosting sundry birds of colours; 
Singing solace 
To the relief of the sorrowing world.

Turn round now, and look the skies; 
In the boundless skies, 
Rainbow flaunts its many colours; 
Giving beauties to the fading earth.

Birds of colours 
Respect their own melanges;
Rainbow as well 
Cherishes its many colours.  

But to appreciate the creation of God, 
Man loathes diversities of tongue and colours
In the world as big as the limitless skies;
Giving rooms only 
For hatred and malice. 

But we can all live in peace, 
If we dare to give it a try.