Love Poems About Sundown or Sundown Love Poems
by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: faith, , cute,

Sundown In Paradise

My blessing basket is heavy with heaven's gifts,
Tomatoes the size of my fist, eggplants so cute,
And fresh heirloom beans bursting with pride.

The sun, orange on the horizon, frames a pair of
Snowy Egrets above, wings folded in glide descent,
Angling towards their roost.

A solitary Cricket, at home in the cabbage patch,
seesaws a hypnotic greeting, then hushes
As I pass.

A Monarch Butterfly wisps past my head, enjoying
Nectar from scattered flowers. The scent of herbs,
Blossoms and love settles softly in my heart.

I know life can be hard, but this moment, just
This moment, I'm filled with such Grace from
God I only stand in humble gratitude.

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: break up, love,

When the Sun Set

There you're alone
Gazing blue waters
In emerald splendor
Embedded within
A romantic landscape.

Visions of sundown
Peeking through blossoms
Bow down to greet you
And caress in love
Hints of my message.

You look elsewhere
At script on horizon
Setting sun engraves
Upon twilight tender
In vermillion intents,
As it dips beneath
Dreams of hushed river;

And scatters its rays
In marigold spray
On magenta fabric
Embroidered purple.

Too late my love
To turn and face me--

I’m no longer there,

When the sun set
So did your shadow.

February 22, 2020
Placed 3rd: Strand #690 contest by Brian Strand

by Paloma P |
Categories: dark, destiny, love, passion, poetry,

Quartz Glass Spaces

I love you without surmising 'why',
your passion sets pon dusky distances
betwixt & 'midst quartz glass spaces,
where scented phases astir moon glow
and impassioned fireside involvement
madly erupt above obscure air castles,
beyond a swept away briny rendezvous
of crystallized darkly essential marrow,
like wildflowers penchant for Spring
blooming 'tween summoned fiery March
snowdrifts' lashing bout ignitable flurries
amongst wind's orgasmic undressing,
farthermost indulgent sundown piques
regaling its worth with naught but those
magnificent moments in timely conception,
whence endearment yearns to be evermore

Inspired by Pablo Neruda - - Sonnet Xvii

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: bird, nature,

Tender Bits of Love

Shadows now quiver
Leafy designs on grass
As sated leaves rustle
On a tall red maple
When fleeting rain’s gone.

Striped in brown
A lone sparrow hops
From branch to branch
In purposeful dance.

Not a cloud is found
In vibrant sky above
As horizon dreams
Visions of sundown.

Sun rays scatter
Through drops of water
On blossoms of flowers
Refracting light
From optical prisms
Gleaming gemstones
As warm air breezes
Petrichor emotions.

Suddenly a chatter
Lifts up insects
And lands in the nest
Full of young ones,

Feeding beak to beak
Tender bits of love.

April 21, 2020
Placed 2nd: Strand Pick B contest by Brian Strand

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, autumn,

Opposing-Quest for Prey

Written: December 22, 2023, For Di11y Da11y Poetry Contest _____________________________________ Awful rumors arose on a rainy day at twilight. Dwelling in darkness, guilty of stealing light. Drops in rhyme, color-and-time lyrics draw me. Through vibrant strokes, a love riot sings poetry Wonderful truths spread on a sunny day at dawn. Embracing brightness, innocent of sharing sundown. Rises out of rhythm, monochrome-and-space verses repel me. Through dull strokes, a hate calm whispers poetry.

by John Gondolf |
Categories: love, romantic, sunset,

Let's Meet At Sundown

please meet me as the sun is setting by the old mill road we’ll spend an evening not forgetting sharing heart’s abode we’ll take a stroll down to the river by the city park and cling together as we quiver feeling chill at dark then count the stars up in the heavens lying in the grass while holding tight as passion leavens touches that trespass I long to hear your gentle whisper softly in my ear sweet words of love that make heart blister begging to endear tonight, my love, let’s meet at sundown through the park we’ll stroll together far away from uptown losing all control
December 13, 2018

by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, old,

Night Owl

Night Owl While flying over a little new town A nice friendly place called Hooters I found It must have been opened for owls like me For my large eyes to roll at what to see A big building of large red stone and bricks Full of big plump young good looking stacked chicks A favorite hangout after sundown Judging from all the hoots and other sounds Tonight this old bird will give it a try I will hoot the hoot and have some stir-fry The nice environmentalist love me Now I don't have to sit in this old tree 2/15/2016

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: family, friendship,


Life was once flat and ran down
Years trailing the tracks of sundown
I had chummies, not dummies
Struggled like flies, but winnies.
Winnies as winners, not gifted
Winnies as fighters to be lifted.
We were belittled a hundred times
For struggling with a thousand dimes.

We are all winnies... born to be loved, to love and to win!

"I only write to energize, not criticize.
  Thank you poetrysoup for being a part of your life 
  -- a family for life!"


by Deb Wilson |
Categories: angst, heartbroken, love hurts,

Sundown of Love

In misted evening I feel him still
wrapping me up from the chill.
Tatters of the past sweep by
and vanish into my mind's eye.

Pulling my skin tight around me-
streaming tears till I can't see.
All those sweet phrases he turned.
When he touched me how I burned.

Now the blackness takes my smile;
puts it on a shelf awhile.
Searing pain is mine to own-
heartache like I've never known.

Laughter and joy eludes me now.
Glory of love escaped somehow
Night time skies drawn up with pain.
Painted landscapes returned to plain.

Crossing bridges into day-
so very alone I lose my way.
Stumble along unwillingly.
Seems solitude's my destiny.

written 1/19/2014

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: love, nature,

Catch the Moon

The tree caught the moon
In his branches. The passing
Of night makes her leave,

But each sundown brings
Her back round to his arms again;
She always returns.

by Naji Almurisi |
Categories: girlfriend, love, romance, romantic, love,

Before Sundown

When the wind kisses the green lawn
And the trees dance like pretty fawn

When the love flirts with the hate
And the soul listens to the heart's beat

I saw her before sundown
Her hair between blond and brown

Her name is Kate
I've never seen her of late

Honey please calm down! 
Our love still is between verb and noun

And this is love's gate
Which behind it our fate

Let us go to hometown
Before sundown

To begin our first love date
When the love overcomes the hate

by Peter Dome |
Categories: creation, feelings, husband, i love you, love, marriage, wife,

Loves Mirror

Blessed by virtue
Fated to be
Created by the great creator
By life giving hand
The perfect woman
of heart and soul
Only for me.

Heart soul and flesh
Merged into one
Two wanderers through life
Walking hand in hand
Toward sundown
Husband and Wife.

I am her
She is me
The reason I live
And hear beats
The air that I breath
The most precious treasure
I want and all I need
My love and life's work 
My world and universe
For eternity.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: beauty, bird, humorous, i love you, identity, international,

Ink In the Paper

It brings happiness.
I am looking at the sundown, 
tied in a tree branches.

In the Garama river cruise,
we laugh and joke,
with monkeys in the trees,
and with the fireflies.

The experience with no price,
but has a great value, 
We come and go.
We meet and depart.

We listen to different stories.
Stories of bravery.
Tales of cultures.
And the beauty of the language.

The language of tongue. 
The language of self. 
But I am putting an ink to paper, 
will make the story begin.

by Yvette Dignos |
Categories: bereavement, death, depression, heartbreak, loneliness, longing, love,

42 Days of Sadness

The time when I ran and you chase
You always find me
I cry unto you. Holds me

This time I run to chase you
I will never find you
I cry for you. Can you hold me?

This dimension you left
Eager to hold you again
My tears drips to dry
Im still crying for you. Hold me.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, romantic love, true love,

Because I Love You

You always say I'm talented 
And for that I say thank you
But understand the reason
Why I do what it is I do
It's because I want to impress you
I suppose that's immature 
But I love hearing you say you like it
And so I give you more and more

No song too difficult to learn
I don't seek for renown
I'll work on things all day and night
From sunup to sundown
I want to make you happy
I want your heart to sing 
And in order to accomplish that
I'll do anything

by Purbasha Roy |
Categories: beauty, cute love, dream,

By the Water's Edge

By the water's edge
        Paired souls splashed by stream of love
       Sneek into shimmering mirroring 
    Shy hearts skip sprinting beats
    With secretive swift glance
      Scores of songbirds sit on swaying withies
    To sing notes of sunny synchronization
       They scribble their similar sentiments
     On sussuring spring breeze
      In silhouette of swift-falling sundown
     Starry skies sailed through sangria skylines
    Shadows of of streams melted silken smiles
      By the water's edge

    Sponsor-Edward Ibeh
    Title Chosen-By The Water's Edge

by Jenish Somadas |
Categories: lost love, love,

Echoes of Love

Let me O love, to love With my heart, throng with love When life, sketching shades of sundown Kiss me.. Once more sit side by side my bed With tears, I'll clean my eyes And trace echoes, Let me
Honorable Mention in STRAND PICK G,ANY THEME,ANY FORM Poetry Contest sponsored by Brian Strand

by Mika Herold |
Categories: allegory, depression, introspection, life, love, passion, seasons,

Spring Weather

The snow falls late this year in May.
When burdened roses break in parts
I hear the hound of sadness bark
against the courage of all men.

All left and all alone I stay
to see the sundown in all hearts.
By foggy twilight feelings dark
and never can be light again.

Through empty abscond is a way.
There hunters chase with bows and darts
to kill a mocking bird - the lark
(for sunrise never comes again).

Footprints of time, called night and day,
will lead me to the nightmares mart:
The road to lonelinesses park
where hope is lost and bare all men.

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: god, love, sleep, sunset,

Comes Another Dusk

Comes another dusk, sundown, day is done
Was another day well-lived? Worth the life?
I ask these questions, answers—I have none. 
I know, for sure, my day was without strife
Before sleep I think of the afterlife
A peaceful calm comes over me, I drift
Knowing the day has given me a gift--
Unmerited, I think, from up above
From realms beyond, unknown, a blessed life,
Reminding me of the Almighty’s love.

Brian Strand's Poetry Contest
written June 9, 2021

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, art, baby, beautiful, beauty, birth,

Never Will

When I miss the sea
I will look the sky
when I want to see
I will close my eyes
I am keepin' my heart open
And the beauty of nature
I will never say die.

I love you art. Let's sail together. Layag Sug!
6 April 2015. 6:57PM.
The sundown in Jessy Point

by Paul Warren |
Categories: love, world,

Together In the Wilderness

We have walked together in the Australian desert at sundown
And we saw the nestling eagles in the trees settle down
When the blazing sun boiled the distant air of the horizon
We travelled towards this mirage on the bitumen run

On sparkling white sands and a cobalt blue sea
I have raced my love into the cool waters with me
At night under a chandelier of twinkling stars bright
We have laid together as the campfire crackled with delight.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Anthony Beesley |
Categories: love


the sun rises on my sunflower...beautiful artist of poetry and power
with the eyes of an angel and hair like golden honey
she wakes to a world of fire and fury
her smile radiates and brightens the world...she's more than a woman...
she's a godess of love
while wicked weeds grow...strangled and scorned...
for the lost and the lonely she weeps and she mourns
beauty is born as she's coming to sunflower shines in the darkness of night
sundown comes and my sunflower rests
her day is complete as she fulfills her fill this black heart with love,light and life
my sunflower sight to the blind

by April Lee |
Categories: love,

I Deserve It

I deserve a guy who can't sleep when I am crying.
I deserve a guy who never ever thinks that I'm lying.
I deserve a guy who knows how much forehead kisses really mean.
I deserve a guy who loves me fully... no in betweens. 
I deserve a guy who will wipe my tears and dry my eyes.
I deserve a guy who'll hold me from Sundown till sunrise
I deserve a guy who makes me feel like a #1 beauty.
I deserve a guy who doesn't watch **** because he wants to do ME! 
I deserve a guy who's always careful with my heart.
I deserve a guy who's not just here to play a part.

by Matthew Coles |
Categories: love

Forever In Memory

I've got a new roll of stamps.
By sundown they will be gone.
Its a secret I never kept.
I hope your moving on.
I remember one night we were howling at the moon.
I know I got excited by the smell of your perfume.
I know of one time when we tagged up a bridge.
Both our names in one heart to prove our love would always live.
Im not depressed that we are not together.
As far as I'm concerned, friendships last forever.

by Carol Louise Moon |
Categories: love,

Snapping Peas

She snapped peas
all summer until sundown
when wind sang through the oaks--
hoping he would return--
yellow ribbon, and all.
She loved him always,
yellow ribbon, and all.
Hoping he would return
when wind sang through the oaks,
all summer until sundown
she snapped peas.

(A mirror poem)