Love Poems About Sundials or Sundials Love Poems
by Nora Goff |
Categories: love,


your eyes burn brighter than the stars
no force of gravity could pull as strong
or fall as hard as I
transfixed and made to gaze
on sundials keeping tabs and time
I would make the planets realign
eclipsing, shutting out the sun
I would plunge the world in darkness
just to stay here past tonight

by Lee Norton |
Categories: art, betrayal, loss, love, music, relationship, sensual,

Fractured Serenade

...Do I lay you to rest?
Gathering up the harp
Assuming its over
via the cold shoulder 
Pure skin I once travelled 
hands pressed 

Playing strings with grace
lost in sound
when did emotion blind thee?
Once gentle heart beats
Darken eyes 
what one saw now feels distant 
callus fingers and brittle notes 
such a soft song turned hate

no move, afraid in doing so
snap, sweating and broken
our harp has fallen 
yet you know where thee

Sundials, caterpillars to butterflies
"sweat of the brow"
what have we grown into?
Pick you up
Any chances left?
bruised and broken 
"play that song of love".
This, I can not promise