Love Poems About Sundering or Sundering Love Poems
by Helen Yeo |
Categories: betrayal,

O Betrayal

Oh betrayal!
You carry the stink of death.
Death to all the love
Sundering God's will above.
The seed of distrust
Worms its way
Into the heart.
While the one we love
The one we trust
Replaces us
In his heart.

Oh betrayal!
You carry the stink of rot.
Rot to all we value
All vows old and new.
The seed of temptation
Hard to resist
Becomes the hardest cut.
While the one that's left
Sorely bereft
Replaces him
With a broken heart.

by L'nass Shango |
Categories: lost love, musicmusic, body, music,

Footnote for Elaine

The music played between the bambo walls
My heart was dancing outside the ken
Of adult passion and woman ways, 
Your body calls me back again ... I followed you
And all that of among the pile of coveting eyes
Was the conquest attributed to my plight
Dancing while my footsteps followed you
The rhythm changed your body pressed
Against the hunger of my loins
The fluid rose ... your breast caressed
The hesitance before my flight
And all through the remaing years of life
Your messages came with autmn flame
Leaves fluttering in the gulf between us
And the music like an eternal chorus
Of sea waves breaking on the heart
Opportunity lost in the sundering of the heart.

by Marie Pearl Rojas |
Categories: deep, nostalgia, solitude,


You are the windows of the soul
of stories unrevealed, untold
of whispers unheard, unspoken
of feelings buried, long been hidden

where cunning madness reflects from within
where past is freed from deafening pain
where love rises resiliently and recklessly
where anger shows - sharp and deadly

which hold bitter, binding lies
which bear sweet, sundering truth
which captivate madness in to sanity
which grasp a wise mind in to folly

abduct me from this loneliness
conceal me from this desolation
lock me up from this grief and misery
stow me away from this surreal reality...

by L'nass Shango |
Categories: lost love,

Primeval Observation

Not solitude 
But loneliness make sweet the harvest
Of God's attention
The sundering of rib and breast
The grand ovation
And then the sudden shift
To hide behind a leaf
The constant surging of eternal grief.

by Jo Bien |
Categories: lost love

for what once

or what once a loving rapport
singing softly at my heart's door
a golden key opening a lock

for what once a warm embrace
hands that gently touched your face
kisses burning into my soul

for what once floats away a dream
never really what it seemed
as the key twists in the lock