Love Poems About Sunburnt or Sunburnt Love Poems
by John Rhinem |
Categories: faith, life, love, passion,

Tequila Sunrise


Shipwrecked; to be carried by the waves unto a distant shore?!

Washed upon an uncharted island both, tattered and torn....

Rags which cling unto sunburnt flesh; eyes swollen 

Half shut above burning lips blistered in parched  

Concealing a tongue that cannot speak; did not!?

Upon these knees, struggling to my feet that I may gaze

Across the endless ocean with its, glorious horizon....


....“Its * Tequila Sunrise” ~

by Nguyen MInh Hai Nguyen |
Categories: love, i love you,


Dry days burned patience till withered away.
Ice-cream was as sweet as honey on the lips
Huff and puff !
Love the sour and scornful season!
Miss the streets on the cold rainy days
Lovers ran on the rain
Find shelter to hid from rain as in romantic films
But these days!
The sun was burning hot. Drought!
We found shelter to hide from sunlight, baby!
Your lip became rosy 
Your skin became brownish, your hair became sunburnt 
By the sunlight
However I love you passionately
You smiled
Like the sunlight smiled coolly

by Justine Zingg |
Categories: imagination, life, love, music, teen,


The sand on the beaches are shining
Red and yellow, in the shadows
Of the trees it is cool and you will not
Get sunburnt. But the soul is burning,
And the air is so thick, it is like breathing in
tar, you are constantly talking
In a whisper.
The mind, although awake, is very black
And dark; 
One could not see one's way around.
And since it is this way
In my world, 
I am constantly picking pieces of me
Off the floor, and glueing them
Back together in my spare time. 

by Justine Zingg |
Categories: confusion, death, life, lost love, love, on writing and words, peace,

Miss You

I miss the way you looked at me,
That one time in the store;
Your eyes were the color of dirt

After you spit in it-
The color of chocolate, 
Melted on a gray coffee table.
Your socks were wrinkled that day,
They reflected your smile,
Dry and cold, wet in the corners,
Your lips looked as though they were sunburnt.
That day I hugged you a lot,
I was afraid you would slip away.
Your eyes were like my stars at night,
Bright and innocent,
And beautiful to look at for long amounts of time.