Love Poems About Sunburned or Sunburned Love Poems
by Sunshine Smile |
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- Haiku X 16 Kissing In The Rain -

                            Silver shiny, careful summer droplets
                    Caresses and cool their naked sunburned bodies
                                 He kissed away all the drops

                                     Tenderness in his kiss
                         The rainbow, sunshine, thunder and rain
                                   Covered her with his kiss

A-L  Andresen :)

by Ernest Robles |
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I cannot recommend but say
the playground of gray
six feet deep away
is a pleasant stay

I have my rocking horse
a sunburned metal toy
burns my feet -- anyway
my eyes are tears today

There's a noise across
the fine lined trees
me thinks -- adults
arguing with death's love

I sway today in gray
fixed feet -- above
tis a pleasant blue-sky
Adults are dead children

We change that much

:: 07-21-2014 :

by Laura Dee |
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Broken Wings

By Laura
December 16, 2015

Let me fix your broken wings
They're nothing but these tattered things
Let me sing without a tune; the only way I know
Show you how to find your friends when you are feeling low

I'll show you who you are; the only way I really can
I'll paint a scene of us; laying by the beach collecting tans
I'll tell you what I see; that way you seem to look at me
We'll find another way to be the angels in our torrid stories

I don't know how, but I'll find you there
Through hazy days of despair and sunburned hair
Maybe we flew too close to the sun to ever see a normal light
When nightmares come to take our tears, somehow I know we'll be alright

by Jesse Jones |
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Untitled #207 / My face is sunburned crimson

My face is sunburned crimson, the skin
on my forearms is peeling off, bruises
appear on my biceps, a red gash
gashes across the front of my shoulder, my calves
tighten, my thumb joint
makes it painful to write, I can’t really explain
what’s wrong with the side of my neck
but my heart feels good
for the first time
in twelve days.