Love Poems About Sunbeams or Sunbeams Love Poems
by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, creation, destiny, faith, god, love,

Pearl of a great price

Dancing with the sunbeams deep sea reflections 
so beautiful adoring on cloud nine sitting pretty 
upon golden sands shifting salt of the ocean turns 

Each wave a blessing in disguise 
standing regal one moment in time 
looking back captivating starlight was born 

Mirrors mist over arched jewels colour radiance 
fixing thoughts on an image beholding your word 
no diamond ever cut comes close to you

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, care, flower, heart, love, magic, moon,

Held upon a moonbeam sighs

Visions of a way forward 
raising the curtains dream magic
stepping into the spotlight view 
captivating under a harvest moon

Rocked in the cradle of thoughts 
your the flower sweetly awakening 
deeply flames warmly embrace sunshine beams 
growing beautiful rose petals tenderly touch deeply

When I trace your heart's echo 
kissing this soul softly within dewdrops 
weeping starlight tears of a breathless sigh 
where the sunbeams dance with brilliance

Golden inside your rays honey 
deliciously lights up priceless perfect 
holding the breath for a moment love 
our time shining purely unique sharing

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, emotions, feelings, love, moon, sun,

My Love

Circle of trust wealth held in its reign
is the moon shining with you
as it silver sparkles tonight inside thoughts 

I will blow a kiss golden melting 
over oceans wide washed into her pearly white beam 
in the hope it kisses the dream  

In the morning with golden sun rays 
a shining treasure forever glistens 
each one warmed by your beauty 

Dewdrops are the stars clustered
weeping silver precious dawning daylight 
the sunbeams forever smiling on you

Unrhymed Tercet

by Pandita SieteSantos |
Categories: sexy, woman,

In Her High Heels - She Walks

In her High Heels - She Walks 

On golden sunbeams she gracefully strides, 
elegant in her little black dress; like Audrey Hepburn,
she a star sparkling in sexy, black shiny stilettoes.
Stepping high on heels and high on love, she smiles  
anticipating breakfast fit for a goddess…at Tiffany’s.


Contest:     She Walks
Sponsor:     Julia Ward
Placement:  1st

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: character,


As the sunlight permeates the fog
Revealing dust's debris
Sunbeams filter within the soul
Exposes faults carefree

As selfishness dances around 
Critical nature unfolds 
A little pride displays itself
That hateful spirit cold 

Lasciviousness floats below
Displays lust's wantonness
Are these desires cleaned from the soul
Other thirsts thoughtlessness

Cleansed by sunlight's radiant beams
Variance swiftly exposed
Hatred, wrath and strife destroyed
To love quickly transposed

When touched by the master's swift hand
All character flaws cleansed
Why did not simple surrender
Happen sooner my friend 


by Dennis Davis |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, love, morning,

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning shadows floating cross the room
golden morning sunbeams dancing on the wall
Sunday morning touching lightly slowly touching
laying in my tangled Sunday morning bed

as my hands slowly ever so lightly
touch your smooth warm flesh
touching with all my tenderness
from head to toe they search to find
the hidden corners of your mind
in my tangled Sunday morning bed

touching places that have
never been touched like this before
in the early morning shadows
softly laying touching in my
tangled Sunday morning bed

Dennis Davis
Sept. 2004

by Janice Scott |
Categories: lovelove, me,

Liquid Fire

Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright
My love I anticipate tonight with much delight

Soft speech, smooth touch, the warmth of your body
More radiant than summer’s sunbeams, are you to me

Rouse my sacred womanhood with fire and flame
Throughout the night whilst I scream your name

My strong man, my loving man, my man whom I adore
Fulfill my deepest desires - give me more, more, more…..

Oh sweet incendiary show me thy art
Upon this gracious body and inside my heart

That thirsts of love with brim-filled bowels of fierce desire
That by mornings light I’ll have drained every drop of your liquid fire!

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, blessing, dream, feelings, flower, love,

Free as a Bird

Breathing wind 
across ocean currents 
Waves of a sea murmur 
under tides turn over emotions awakening 
Satin white washed surf 

upon the rocks 
Beloved apex 
a sunbeams brilliance 

Wetly kissed 
under a rainbow arch
Throwing light 
of the moon spotlighting 
dancing with the shadows 

Crouching where the sun rests 
Twilight fires burn amber 
within clouds shooting gunbarrel grey

by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: lost love, me, song, green, me, song,

How Could I Tell

I walk no more on soft green mosses,
Under the trees where green branch tosses;
Where scent of leaf and red rose flinging,
Perfume the wind with soft scent clinging.

I walk no more by the ocean dreaming,
Where sunbeams fly with grey gulls screaming;
Over the cliffs where wild waves falling,
Sweep up the sound in echoes calling.

I hear no more the sea shell's story,
Along the shore with sunset's glory;
Only the song from the dark cave's hollow,
That siren song I dare not follow.

Words you spoke leave me broken hearted,
For now I find you have departed;
For I loved you well but you left me lonely,
How could I tell if you loved me only?

by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: life, heart, heart,

A Journey

As we travel along with a heart full of song,
We've a dream that hangs on a rope;
Like a lantern of light, shining at night,
She shines on the fair dwelling called hope.

The arms of time roll round as we climb,
And our youth fades fast with the years;
With a soul grown numb, with sorrows we come,
Back to the valley of tears.

Still forward we press with faults to confess,
With hearts that need much repair;
Where glistening gleams on soft sunbeams,
Shines on a world of despair.

All lives need change but the heart can estrange,
A soul from the Father above;
And reviling the rod administered by God,
Brings chastening He calls Love.

by Phyllis Babcock |
Categories: love, romance,


Molten gold sunbeams
across silent water
clouds embossed in glossy silvery hue
a kiss with soft painted lips
planted upon smooth skin
bathe in morning droplets of dew
 gentle whispers that ride
 on the morning wind
a bond forged by gentle hands
love pure without restrictions
a eternal embrace 
touching, feeling, knowing
it is with mutual loving consent
someone to share your life
someone to stand by your side
a spiritual bond of togetherness.

by Mike Samford |
Categories: life, love

Blue Eyes

I have stood atop of great mountains high
where I felt to close to heaven and cloud
and measured His stars while wondering why
no earth bound splendor was burnished as proud.

I've witnessed in time sunbeams dance, and set.
My eyes graced on all color light might build.
Tasted breath of ocean's misty islet.
I've been forgiven and with love been filled.

I have wondered in fields of fresh flowers
their perfumes begging my humbling sighs.
I've never found in moments are hours
a beauty to match your sparkling blue eyes.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: peace, prayer,

May You Find Peace Through Prayer

cry not, my love,
for the end is not near,

stardust cannot shine
when you shed a tear-
feed not off of fear.


suffer not, my love, 
for this morn is anew,

sunbeams cannot radiate
without the skies of blue-
crave only what is true.


leave not, my love,
for I need you to stay,

running cannot ease 
your pain and disarray-
find peace as you pray. 

June 29, 2018

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, heaven, true love,

- Wings Of Love -

          When heart’s pillars are strong, no fear could them break
                   I open the window and let the sunbeams in

                      The exquisite smell of summer at dawn

                Let us fill our hearts immediately ~ roses are free

                        I love you more than my own breath

                               Not in vain it is a promise

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
- Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: love, remember,

I Don't Think Of You

I don’t think of you in the evening
when the light lays soft upon the land
nor each  morning when I begin to wake…
I do not see you in sunbeams on the wall
or when the bird begins his mournful call
No, I do not think of you at all……..

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, destiny, emotions, feelings, god, love,

Perfect Sunbeams

I love you 
most precious jewel 
In the first kiss 
after absence is to be told

As long 
as the stars remain above you 
When love kisses 
eternity glows 
striking the very earth moving
Remains above you 
Crowning in your own world 
In one moment  
splitting hairs in time 

Pure is the legend of a vision 
promises to dance always 
In your shadow 
Co write Liam Mc Daid and David Bucknell

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: feelings, imagery, love, paradise, romance, sensual,

Innocence In Paradise

Azure waves cascade ashore alight with golden sunbeams. And splash upon shallow shoals fueling exotic dreams. Lovers linger on the beach enchanted by Luna's light. And empowered by passion conjure a magical night. As two hearts intermingle, separate silhouettes merge. And sharing body and soul sexual desires converge. Hope surges with every beat, as doubt flees a happy heart. And love stretches past pleasure when euphoric feelings start. Innocence in paradise, they share the promise of youth. And strengthen the bonds of trust with nothing more than the truth. 2/5/2015

by Elaine George |
Categories: happiness, nostalgia, places,

Grandma's Kitchen

Wood burning
In a Franklin stove-
The smell of yeast
And rising dough-
Lace curtains
In an open window
Where soft
Ocean breezes blow-
With the scent of
The wild rose-
Pastel rainbows
On the walls-
Reflections made
Where sunbeams
Upon a crystal vase
Where lilacs bloom-
And fill the room-
With lavender

Here on earth-
But a thought away-
In a place where love
Was made-
In that old house
In grandma’s kitchen-
High above
The Fundy Bay-

by MAF Longfellow |
Categories: war,



The Moon is shining, On my love somewhere.
 Lord light his path, And protect him there.
Stars twinkle, As he gazes on high. 
Let him know, That you are nearby.
Sunbeams streaming, Through window pane.
Kiss him gently, Till he's home again..... 


by Jolanta Gradowicz |
Categories: lost love, heart, heart,

Ice Palace

I built a wonderful ice palace,
Creating my work for days on end, 
Trying not to think it was aimless;
Then it seemed reasonable, my Friend.

Ice birds sat on a fence made of ice,
And white, ice horses grazed peacefully.
The ice palace-like structure was nice,
With an amazing, short ice story.

In the middle of an ice chamber
I laid an ice heart - as hard as stone,
Like a diamond, I remember -
On a distinctive white-clothed throne.

But spring sunbeams melt slowly the birds,
The fence, the horses, and the ice home.
I didn’t dare to look forwards
For the ice heart under the ice dome…

by Andrew Foreman |
Categories: anniversary, love, memory,

I liked her hair long

I liked her hair long
my bronze pennant in a slight breeze,

smiling face framed in the soft light
dappled skin through broken trees,

timeless smile hinted laughter
hidden under locks both coy and bold

as we smiled at our time together
secured now young and soon as old,

grasping hands
grasping eye
grasping at remembered moments...
as time just flies on by,

dreams last long as sunbeams
as a cloud moves to overtake

winter pallor'd dropping leaves
we took as much time as we could rake, 

sitting next to winter's hearth
hands clasped in a familiar tether

we welcome season's end 
life lived well and loved together.

by Mary E.W. Stephenson |
Categories: encouraging,

A Perfect Color For Me

     Magical,  how the morning sunbeams dance on the surface and reveals the unadulterated truth of the hue.
     The phenomenon is the way the hue affects the social psyche.
     How splendid is it's undeniable importance.
     It is an excellent and inspiring hue that institute strength and growth.
     I eat with it, bathe with it, make love with it, I dream of it, I breathe with it, and there's no existence without it.
     The politics of it makes it the perfect color for me.

by Michael Byte |
Categories: romance,

Dreams of desire

Laying in his bed all alone
his thoughts wonder of love.
He sees her presence 
laying next to his side.
Her skin kissed by ray
of sunbeams from above.
Her lips color of a rose
sweeter than any honey
the flows its nectar free.
Hair the color of night sky
eyes brighter than stars above.
He sees them dance
as they gaze deep inside.
Ohh how he longs for thee
to show his love.
Falling asleep he feels a breeze
as something to his side.
Words in the breeze
he hears I love you.
Kisses of love 
felt upon his lips in a daze.
Suddenly awake
no one at his side
could it be an angel from above.

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: love,

Breath of Love

Love breathes softly 
like a baby at rest
dreaming of caresses 
and mother's warm milk

Love, too, breathes deeply
like a child at play
chasing sunbeams in flight
and friends for all seasons

Our love breathes eternal
like God's divine touch
Our breath became one
As we exhaled vows face-to-face 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, January 25, 2012
for Story of Valentine contest
tenth place

by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: fantasy, art, art,

Sonnet 25

The firmament above this crooked crust
Came down below to view my work of art
Ether engaged sacred sunbeams to thrust
Upon her face, the beauty of thine heart
    Now it is that thy face, an Angel's mask
    Which brought the heavens to our earthly floor
    Her likeness questioned cherubim to ask
    Wherefore art thou lost Angel ye adore?
Like water did the skies return above
And I in awe assumed I aged in air
But missing were the paintings of my love
The only treasures of our brief affair

As with the sun, to art is light and life
And of this art, 'twas she, an Angel's wife!