Love Poems About Sunbathe or Sunbathe Love Poems
by Michael Todd |
Categories: adventure, fish, fun, poetry, sea, silly, word play,

Sea Life

I'd love to live a sea life,
there's just so much to do.
It would never ever be boring,
in the deep deep ocean blue.

I could juggle with clownfish,
sunbathe with the rays,
take off with the pilot whales,
and go blading with skates

Blow balloons with the pufferfish,
play pool with a shark
go hunting with sea lions,
teach a dogfish to bark

I could strum with guitarfish,
play piano with tunas,
make jazz with a bass,
then go solo with groupers

And we'd all have sea-cucumber sandwiches for lunch,
and jellyfish for desert.

by Xaysouvanh Phengphong |
Categories: language, smile, sun, winter, , cute,

Winter Sunray

The noon sunray squeezes my eyes,
Viewing the snowy mountain heights,
Under immense blue screen:
What a nice shiny scene!

The birds sunbathe their wings in high;
First rain left few flowers drip-dry;
The yellow and brown foliage
Shade the shrubs of wood sage.

The sunray chills the entire scenery;
A strange ton in the nature contrary;
Strained my flaming face;
Frosted in the sunny place.

Like the cute smiling of a pretty lady
Attracts man who falls in love badly; 
His dream will soon vaporize:  
Body language could be a lie!