Love Poems About Sunbaked or Sunbaked Love Poems
by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: lost love,

Depleted By Tomorrows

Sunbaked to crisp this rag your hand enriched,
Hangs on a wire exposing tattered thread,
Rung-out depleted by tomorrows switched,
Lifeless without you, left, now lonesome bled.
Days wiped as months turned years following fast,
All while my focus rusts once where we were,
A rite of damnation pirouettes past,
Encircling sorrow’s waist with dizzy blur.
Spun as a ragdoll shook in infancy,
Watching my purpose, or the lack thereof,
Unable to cry so wide-eyed to see,
Shadows forgotten plunged searching your love.
  Were you an empress I’d be worn a crown,
  Longing for tears so my sadness could drown.

Submitted for:  Words Drowned in Tears Poetry