Love Poems About Sumptuous or Sumptuous Love Poems
by Line Gauthier |
Categories: devotion, love, magic, moon, nature, night, sunset,


At day's end a retreating sun banished
Awestruck we witness its closing farewell
Silently the last veil of hue vanished
Our woes amounting to mere bagatelle

Nightfall air transfixed as if by a spell
Overcome with a wave of emotion
Rose sublimely over the citadel
An opalescent moon set in motion

‘Twas a night of magical proportion
Willow trees swaying in the summer breeze
Billowing waves pulsating devotion
Surrendering unperturbed with such ease

A sumptuous spectacle up above 
Reflected in a sea of divine love

Submitted on May 13, 2018, for contest SUMMER LOVE SONNET sponsored by JOHN HAMILTON  -  RANKED 3RD

by Peter Dome |
Categories: angel, appreciation, feelings, love,

Warm embers glow

Warm Embers Glow.
Wrapped up cozily safe and warm 
In my angel's wings
Within our soft feathered nest
A time of blissful awakenings
Sharing giving soothing and tenderness
Skin to skin heart to heart
A single sumptuous lingering kiss the spark
Ignites the flames of passion and desire
As the night slowly expires
The embers still glow
Long after the fire

Peter Dome©2020.

by Red Fiery |
Categories: dedication,


He drives along the countryside ,
 speeding the hearts of all the woman. 
Delivering his sumptuous smile ,
 the enigma of his personality. 
Deep blue eyes are purest in the world , 
A white man's love to die for ! 
I have bathed in oriental monsoon,
  tasted the Indian wine
, but nothing as compared to his passion. 
 The gear of my heart is in his hands , 
My blood runs through the engine , 
He drives me to his heart's harbour, 
For he is my sexy TRUCK DRIVER.

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

- Butterfly Kiss -

You are my bright spot
When I meet your gaze
and see your brilliant smile
Your wavy hair playing in the wind

- The violins shower
in a sumptuous landscape
A thousand butterfly kisses
which tickles my lips
- then .. my heart with pleasure fills

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by nikhileswari swaminathan |
Categories: beauty, body, care, first love, food, fruit, fun,

sumptuous meal

cuisine if desired
sumptuous tasty yummy
always need to wait

by Anulaxmi Nayak |
Categories: allah, blessing, god, miracle, thanksgiving,


TENDER MERCIES Tender mercies on us shower From The Supreme ’s sacred tower Hungry get a sumptuous meal Angry get a soothing heal Barren blessed with lovely child Lost absolved from scary wild True confession granted pardon Buds fresh bloom in wilted garden Homeless get a safe shelter A fireplace in chilling winter Drowning rescued in someone’s guise Distraught guided through friend wise Marital bliss, trustworthy mate for lonely Door opens for one who knocks sincerely His love and grace for us is in profusion Counting blessings lets submit grateful effusion
17th October 2016

by Mpho Kgaswane |
Categories: allusion, boyfriend, confidence, crush, dream, hilarious, love hurts,

Smooth Operator

He treads proudly towards his target
With his hair immaculately cut to style
As if he is fresh from a barber shop
-You should know he is up to something.

He is always adorned with sumptuous jewellery
And a pungent smell of a cologne
Oh, how pleasing he smells...
-He is up to something.

He has a wondrous smile
-that is supposed to melt hearts
and a wink in his eyes
-He is up to something.

As he smoothly begins to say his usual blarney lines,
Words so convincing
And suppose to lure you into something
-You should know he is no good.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, sensual,

Her Opal

The opal of her body, so sensuous Creates disruption within my very soul Without resting, she moves me so sumptuous I falter in breathing because her control She brings be beyond error and ignorance However I crumble due to her brilliance Her eyes tenderly take me beyond their cast I start to soften as passion holds me fast
Contest: Meltdown Sponsor: Anthony Slausen 6/17/2013

by Thomas King |
Categories: desire, happiness, love, passion,

The Hunger

My eyes behold majestic wonders of you 
Colorful renderings of loves vibrant portrait 
Fills my sight 

Soft fragrant aromas caress my senses 
As the flavorful essences of passion 
Moisten my lips  

Images soft and serene drift through my mind 
As my love for you gently meanders 
Within my body

Soft whispers of beloved devotion swirl around me 
As it chases away the lonely silence 

I take in those refreshing words 
As I inhale your sumptuous warm breathe 

As my youthful desires give way 
To masculine occurrences within my being 

My hunger is stayed 
As your sensual touch fulfills my craving 
For affection and its appetite for life               

by Deirdre Hays |
Categories: food

Hot Dog MY Red Hot!

smothered in chili
onions heaped high
on a tasty mustard bun
I will not waste one morsel
of you
My eyes feast upon you
on my plate,
as you sit and await your fate!
My palette awaits
I want to hold you
and devour you
Love of my life,
you make my mouth water
I am tantalized by your smell
Your aroma tempts me
My taste buds tingle
Come closer!
You are my Red Hot!
Hot Dog,
I have been awaiting this moment
to bite into your burning flesh,
and experience your texture,
and enjoy Umami
The 6th sense

by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: love,

Honeydew, I Love You

Of course I love you, the slang phrase Yo, men flirting O, sumptuous U, curse words aches to demolish the beauty of you, sweet sticky substance found on plants she's my honeydew, the sweetness of someone like you, is rare like a holographic card, O you, can a card explain you, cheap brand but great value, right love, what is left residue, drowning in Love Boo, I'll be a lifeguard and be honeydews rescue.
- Loverboi

by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: food, life, me,

My Special Meal

Familiar aroma oozes from the fry pan,
Secretion of enzymes makes me lick my lips,
Fried plantain and Jollof rice I love more than Dan,
Mum knows how to spice it well before she sleeps.

I rushed down to the kitchen without waiting,
I can`t miss my sumptuous rice after a game,
Mum sent me out to shower or I get nothing,
Fidgeting;hoping the quantity will be the same.

Contest:"A pleasant childhood Memory" sponsored by Sara Kendrick

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art


his beta,wife and muse
a love,on her death he was to lose
auburn beauty-
sumptuous clothes
in a stunning pose
with long flowing tress
what she thinks
is anyonels guess
fleeting beauty-fresh

see my pre-raphaelite cartoon images @

by Michael Vacek |
Categories: feelings, food, happiness, humanity, imagery, life, simple,

Spoonfuls of Happiness

Sour, bitter, salty, spicy, bland or way too hot.
Each easily countered in the blink of the eye.
Too often one looks past "what is" for "what is not".
Appetites unsatisfied with a feeling nigh.

My secret to happiness is truly being,
Staying in the center of the moment right now.
Not looking to the past in fear or in fleeing,
Nor controlling the future, or wondering how?

With no expectations, my life is wonder full,
Living simply, my earthly burden is lightened.
Lapping the feast of life's love by spoon and spoonful,
Each sumptuous sip adding savoury heightened.


by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: imagination, love,

Dance in Duality

Microbit dazzled-
How fingertips poised
Can arouse
Wet petals
From stoic roots
now thought
untangled, is but
Data gleaming
With invitation
Stars unveil their codes
Photon beams
And lofty
Caribbean dreams
I dance
At the edge of time
Where gravity fades
dirt all nonsense
We dig passion fruit
From sumptuous screens
melting release

by Ernest Badounts |
Categories: absence

Starry Night

 Starry Night

The night is saturated with  love's perfect reign,
Calling all lovers to  dine,
The sumptuous mystery of the night.

Oh Universe! Bright Universe!
Express thy deep essential bliss,
Flow  like the rivers golden,
Play on  the whimsical stars.

The crickets keep the starry night alive,
The nightingale breaks the morbid silence.
We (as two lovers) keep searching
for the best in ourselves;

While the stars pour their love on us,
Expanding the  magnetic beautiful.
As we levitate with our kisses and blend with the starry night.

-Ernest Badounts

by Nicola An |
Categories: beautiful, love, summer, sun, sunset,


When I alight from the deck
of my slumber,
and life persists to matter
You, the sprouting day,
newborn world, no noise 
of fray
the first thing I wake up to
My true hope that grows anew
When vivid clouds leave the
skies and the sumptuous
twilight is up to entice
You, the sinking sun-the finale
to my frisk and fun
The highlight of what living
has been about
My needed remedy to a 
niggling doubt
You are both the sunrise and 
the sunset I wait for
the marvel impossible to ignore
Breathtaking, awe-inspiring;
I am the earth with sustenance

by Rita Solis Radius |
Categories: nature,


Peaceful place
Enlighted with
The sweetness of the moon

Beautiful seabay
Immerged in a pretty 
Sky tenderness

Beauteous scenery
Located behind
The cliff highness

Sumptuous frame
Implanted on a natural temple,
Happiness for idyllic strolls!

Light by such a night
Is a wonderful reflect of the full moon

Then, one of the lovely rules taken 
From a sweet evening,
Should be...Peace, Light and Love!

©Rita Solis Radius. Sept 5th 2020. Short poems session about #PeaceLightLove. 
Original texts. All rights reserved.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, passion,

To Captivate In Seconds

~ breathlessly bold I vacillate vicariously the depths of desire desecrate taunting and teasing my poem pretty princess poised perfect sumptuous stimulating and steamy my seven second seduction starts........ ~

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, passion, me,


I fall into your depths and drown, 
Warm currents drag me ever down, 
Until I feel my breath explode 
Unleashed by some wild overload 
That freed from out the anchor lung, 
Alive with songs that must be sung, 
They rush, careening fast towards 
The resonating vocal chords. 
Sweet beauty stuns my hungry eyes, 
The words within me harmonise, 
And all that I can see or do, 
Ruled by the sumptuous heart of you; 
Unwilling to restrain the urge, 
A mad, abandoned, epic surge 
Commands my voice extol the phrase: 
"I love you 'till the end of days."

by Adejumoke Adewuyi |
Categories: birthday, flower, friend,

The Flowers' Ally

Alamandas are green,
Violets are purple,
Holly-hocks are pink,
Mari-golds are yellow,
Sun flowers,yellow too,
all in beautiful colours of nature.
There goes the wasp out to suck up the nectar.
The caterpillar clench on beneath,in its cocoon,
in a bid to mature.
Ranging hovering flies perch on to suck up juice.
The social insects, termites eat up the stems as lunch.
Sly fox walk by with its razor sharp teeth,
bite out the petals.
Billy goat bleats for joy seeing the mari-golds,
as its dinner is sure.
And the badly labelled of all creatures,man,
in awe at the sight of the sumptuous red rose.
He uproots but tends in a garden.
He plucks but dishes out as a show of love.

by Steve Eng |
Categories: fantasy

Rhyme of a Reincarnate

Forgive my love for antique things.
But ancient visions light my mind.
Imagination spreads strong, spacious wings
And soars me backward where I find
Myself alive—in other lives behind.

I was a troubadour for kings, 
And at their sumptuous tables, dined.
I donned their silks and wore their sapphire rings,
And with their courtesans, I wined.
Three thousand years ago, soft hands were kind.

Contrast it with corrupt “Today.”
The Present is a haggard whore,
A foetid vampire sucking dreams away.
I’ve lived a hundred, better lives before.
Their memory’s my golden door.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 8th grade, animal, appreciation, christmas,


                 Reindeer rushed to tell Santa Claus ’I do pledge,
                 This year also I am sure to pull your sledge,
                           but I need more dollar
                           to buy a nice collar
                and will love to taste sumptuous beverage.’               

                      Third Place
   ''Funny Reindeer' Limerick  Contest by Tania Kitchin

by tuoyo palmer |
Categories: africa, appreciation, art, autumn, beautiful, beauty, care,


I love flowers
Give me a flower
Serene me with it's beauty
Entice me with it's modest nature

Spell your love for me with it's name on it
Let it soar like the uprising sun
Intrigue me with it's solemn charm
Make it taste like sumptuous ham

I don't need an enchanting fanfare
Build a facet of nature's bloosom
Let it inspire an aura of glory
Unable to diminish in it's brightest splendor

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 4th grade, appreciation, christmas,



        Santa gave urgent call to his pet reindeer
   ‘I have bought new glossy satin cap to wear.
                and a shiny red dress
                embroidered with white lace.
  Get prepared prompt to pull my sledge this year.’

     Reindeer rushed to tell Santa Claus ‘I do pledge
      This year also I am sure to pull your sledge
                          But I need more dollar
                           to buy a nice collar
   and will love to taste sumptuous beverage.   

                                                        Second Place

   'Christmas Limerick Contest by Alexis Y.