Love Poems About Sump or Sump Love Poems
by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trump had Brain Of A Bird and More

Trump had Brain Of A Bird

To me, about Trump what had occurred,
Has been known to have brain of a bird;
Limited ability;
Almost senility;
Absurd but by him realize are reassured.

Jim Horn

We remember being beside small spring;
With us wondered what we should bring,
And not corroded;
With be loaded;
Much cash on which surely likes to cling.

Jim Horn

Profits did give up and dump;  
No wonder we are a grump;     
Had to heed, 
Then pump need,
For absurd so called a sump.

Not much might be a lot more, 
When the one who you adore, 
To be splendid, 
Then do love you forever more.